Custom Orders

I am always happy to talk to someone about a custom order. I try to do custom orders in a timely manner, but sometimes life takes over and I have to put woolie making on hold for a little bit. On average, I can get a custom order done in 2-3 weeks, though normally it only takes me a week.

My starting price for a custom longie woolie is $22.00 plus shipping. This includes one or two appliques.

My starting price for a custom soaker or shortie woolie is $18.00 plus shipping. This normally includes an applique on the bum.

My starting price for a custom skirt is $25.00 plus shipping. Skirts take me a longer amount of time, so I have to charge more money.

If you would like a set or several pieces, I would be more than happy to discuss a price with you.

You can contact me through my email address:

1 thought on “Custom Orders”

  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    I have bought several of your woolie items on ebay and am very impressed with the quality of your work! We love every piece! I recently bought woolie shorties in size large and they are the best fitting item our son has. I was wondering if you do custom work with fabric sent to you? I recently bought two yards of this beautiful 93/7 blend of wool/lycra with the intention of making shorties myself – but sadly after several attempts with test fabric I cannot make a them – it was harder than I thought! I have a new found appreciation for what you do! So anyway, I have this great wool blend and was wondering if you would make shorties with your size large pattern – plus appliques. I don’t know how many shorties can be made from two yards and what the cost would be. Would you consider making them for me? Please let me know and if you can include how many shorties can be made and the cost – really appreciate your time!
    Thank you

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