Embrace the Camera…….

One of the hardest things I find with twins..is constantly feeling like I am neglecting a little one.  They seem to both cry, wake, poop, scream and “need” at the same time.  And it is so hard to hold them both, though I do it often!  I try to give them individual attention….as much as I can.  So, this week I tried to take some photos of Grey with me……She is actually screaming in these photos.  She wanted to be fed, not pose for pictures!

This was the first full week of Christopher going back to work….going back to “normal”…if there is such a thing.  It has been everything from tough and exhausting to wonderful and miraculous.  I still can’t believe that these two little ones are part of our family!

Everyone keeps asking me if they are on a schedule yet……no, they are not on a schedule yet…they are only 5 1/2 weeks old……I know lots of adults that still aren’t on schedules!!  They don’t sleep through the night…and probably never will.  They are endlessly demanding and it seems impossible at times……but they are also able to take my heart and wrap it around their fingers til it hurts……I love them so…..

Go Embrace the Camera…..

2 thoughts on “Embrace the Camera…….”

  1. These pics are a perfect example of just how full your hands are… my favorite quote that I hear almost EVERY time I go out with our crew “Wow, you’ve sure got your hands full!”

    Your babies are gorgeous & Great job getting an Embrace blog posted!! Can’t believe they’re almost 6 weeks old already!!

  2. Yes….I agree….everyone says….”oh my..you have your hands full…” I guess it is one of those coments that people always come up with….lol!!

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