What’s hot and what’s not…..

Okay…I’m still going strong with what’s hot and what’s not….borrowed from Loobylu!

What’s Hot:

-Pumpkins..hello, it is almost Halloween!

-Halloween books…hello, it is almost Halloween!  Some of our favorites….Excuse me, are you a Witch? by Emily Horn.  Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson and Ten Timid Ghosts by Jennifer O’Connell

-The view from our bedroom window….so beautiful this time of year…even with the rain!

-Finishing up custom order woolies…I love watching the pieces come together!

-Blocks…River has discovered the joy of simple, wooden blocks.

-The oboe….Quinn has started to play the oboe in school and he is really enjoying it..after a bit of a rough start!

-My 5 year diary with red? cover by Tamara Shopsin.  It says it is a red cover..but I don’t believe them.  I love this little diary.  As the product description states, “helps you keep track of the next 60 months of your life in just a few lines a day. Each page of the diary is devoted to one day of the year and subdivided into five sections (each with its own space for notes), so that, as time goes by, past entries can be read as the new ones are written.”  I am also in love with Heather Armstrong’s book, It Sucked and then I cried:  How I had a baby, a breakdown, and a much needed margarita.

What’s Not:

-My STILL dying plant!  I am bringing it to my brother’s house this weekend!  Hopefully he can nurse it back to health.

-Laundry…you finish it and then there is more!  I don’t think I need to say anything more.

-My STILL unfinished Starry Night mural…my goal is to finish it by Christmas.



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