Halloween is like so many other things that you get involved in….with your children…where, you end up doing things for your kids…and then their friends…one thing leads to another…and before you know it…..it’s way out of control…….at least that is how it always seems around here.  Not only does Tuesday want to be a super hero..but she wants her friend to be a super hero.  Of course, they have to look exactly the same….so of course….I have to make both costumes…..I should not complain..it could be worse…this costume is pretty easy.  I am actually recycling her costume from last year.   She was a ghost last year (don’t ask!…long story…), so she wanted to use the white sheet to make the capes…..I actually had all the materials!  And Quinn..he wants to be an Orioles player, so I had to buy all that stuff..he wanted the real thing..not some cheap imitation!  And River…I took the easy way out on that one….I bought a little pumpkin costume!


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