What’s hot and what’s not…..

Okay..it is already Wednesday..how the week flies by.  And I have actually been doing quite well about posting every day this month!  I am proud of myself!

What’s Hot….

**Amusement Parks – My kids are addicted to Six Flags.  They get season passes every year and go a million times.

**The Easel – I finally set up River’s easel and she loves painting on it.

**The Library – now that it is getting cold around here we go to the library a lot!  River loves getting new books and going to story time.

**Getting dressed in warm clothing – River loves to “accessorize” her outfits for outside!

**The sun – we had so much rain, that the sun feels wonderful, especially for the cats.

**My mother’s wedding ring – maybe its unorthodox, but I wear my grandmother’s engagement ring and my mother’s wedding ring.  I look at them all the time and think of them.

What’s Not…

There isn’t much that isn’t hot this week…..

** Not feeling well – the little bug that is going around our house is getting annoying

** Lost items – no photo for this one….but there are too many lost items around this house!  That drives me crazy!

** Getting up on time – certain children in my house refuse to get up when they need to..it gets really tiring having to wake them up about 10 times in the morning before they begin to stir.


1 thought on “What’s hot and what’s not…..”

  1. My Not Hot is children getting up too early — so I don’t know if there is an easy solution! 🙂 Thanks for playing again this week. xx

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