How My Life Would Be Better With a Serger….

Sew Mama Sew! is having a contest.  The theme is “How My Life Would Be Better With a Serger”.  This is my entry for the Sew Mama Sew! Back to School Giveaway…..

My name is Oscar Husqvarna.  I’m a 12 year old sewing machine from Sweden.  I’m a traditional machine, looking for a long-term committed relationship.

While I have a wonderful seamstress, I have yet to meet the serger of my dreams.  My perfect serger would have 4 thread sewing, an adjustable stitch length and a can-do attitude.

I have a playful personality, but I’m a hard worker who believes in team work.  I’m a reliable machine whose favorite projects are quilts and home décor.

I love the outdoors, taking romantic walks in the park, and keeping all my feet and needles well maintained.

I’m interested in looking for someone who can help me embellish knits, improve my hems, and put the finishing touches on a sexy cocktail dress.

I’m looking for a serger that I can settle down with  and I dream of one day hearing the pitter- patter of little bobbins.

If you are a serger, looking for a good sewing machine to work on the rest of your  projects with you, let’s get together for a simple pattern and see where it leads….

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