Last week I got a Nutribullet.  My friend got one for Christmas and has been raving about it.  I have wanted a juicer forever and this seemed like just the right one.  So far, it is everything I hoped it would be.  It is small so it doesn’t take up counter space.  It seems very well made and durable.  It is so easy to use…even Tuesday and Quinn use it completely on their own. And best of all, it is so simple to clean.  It takes seconds.  Every day I have some type of drink using all types of stuff…carrots, mango, spinach, celery, apple, chia seeds.  It is wonderful.  I highly recommend it!

Happy Friday….and brrrrrr…..

Happy Friday everyone.  I hope everyone is warm!  I know that is what we are trying to do around here!  It has been so cold all week that we haven’t been outside much at all. Normally I walk River to school and the babies really enjoy the time in the stroller and I like getting the exercise…but not this week.  Too cold!  I am happy it is Friday…happy for the weekend and maybe some family time!!  And for warmer weather.  If it isn’t going to snow I don’t see the point of all the cold weather.

Tea Parties and other stuff…

Everybody is feeling a bit coldish today.  Because of the weather and because of their noses.  So, today was filled withnose wipes, boogies, crying, tears and smelly diapers.  I don’t know why sick babies seem to have very smelly diapers!  River was very happy that we were able to squeeze in a tea party. I had promised her one the day before…but things didn’t work out…so today was the day.  Kitty had a lot to say and was very happy she was invited!  Happy Thursday!