Yule Lads….

The Icelandic Yule Lads have begun to appear at our house…..Everyone has been putting their shoe in the window at night, except Escher and Grey.  Our rule is..if you can’t put your shoe in your window, then you don’t get to put a shoe in the window.  They will probably be ready next year!  I hope you’ve been good, otherwise you get a rotten potato left in your shoe.  I said they should borrow some dirty diapers and put them in the bad children’s shoes!

River turned six….

Yesterday River turned six.  I can’t believe it. We had a fantastic weekend with lots of parties and fun.  Yesterday we got to have our “small” family party.  We put up the tree and put on the lights.  After dinner, we started to decorate it.

It seems like just yesterday we were bringing our new little bundle of joy home from the hospital!