They love to read…and read….and read…..

These days I’d say the babies favorite thing to do is read.  They love to sit on a lap and listen to stories.  Or they love to sit in a box and read stories.  Or they love to sit anywhere on the floor and read…..and read…..and read.  It is quite adorable.  Escher’s current favorite story is Goodnight Gorilla.  Grey doesn’t seem to have a favorite, though she does love What Do You Say?  I love watching their little expressions when they are listening to a story or looking at a book all on their own.  You can tell that they are really concentrating and examining what is going on in the pictures.  It is quite adorable.


River loves to pick out her outfit each day.  And I like the fact that she is so independent…especially in the morning.  She can get herself dressed, get her pajamas in the hamper (most days), brush her hair.  It is pretty awesome how great she is at getting herself ready, so that I can get the babies ready!  I love her outfits so much, that I decided to start taking a daily photo of her…here are some of my favorites….