Halloween…sort of….

Well..it is Halloween…well, sort of….but there are no costumes, no school, no trick or treating…..everything has been postponed until Friday.  Hurricane Sandy has come and gone.  We were lucky….we had no damage in our area.  We never lost our electricity and we barely had any branches fall down.  A lot of New Jersey wasn’t so lucky.  So much flooding and devastation around the state….really scary stuff.  Half of our town is still without electricity..so they had to close the schools for another day.

It is very strange….being Halloween…yet…not Halloween.

First Tooth….

Well…River had a loose tooth and kept waiting and waiting for it to fall out.  Last Thursday…at the end of the kindergarten day, as she walked out of her classroom door..she tripped and fell.   There was blood everywhere.  We started to walk to the nurse when she realized her tooth was gone!  Thankfully, that was where all the blood was coming from…beside a small scrap on her nose.  We looked everywhere for the tooth…but we never found it.  So, when we got home I asked her if she wanted to make a replacement tooth..to put under her pillow.  She was very concerned that the tooth fairy might think we were tricking her.  So, she insisted that she write a note to the tooth fairy, letting her know that this was NOT her tooth, but a replacement tooth!  Too cute.

The next morning, she was very excited to find that the tooth fairy had left her two dollars!  She was even more excited to go into school and tell all her classmates about her adventure!


Getting ready for Halloween…..

So..things are getting a little spooky around here……every year we make ghosts.  So, of course, River wanted to make ghosts.  What a surprise!  Nothing cuter than a child deeply involved in their project!  Of course, after making the ghosts…we had to do a little photo shoot involving all the ghosts.

Then we had to hang the ghosts..along with all the cobwebs…


One Year Photos….

Well, Tuesday and I finally had time to take some photos for the babies one year birthday!!  It didn’t go perfectly…but, then again..does anything!  I am just happy that it was a nice day and we were able to get out and get some cute photos!  I love how in some of the photos their expressions look so similar.  By the end, Escher was not happy.  Neither was River.  River thought the photo shoot should have been just for her and she did NOT want to share the spotlight.  I told her that we could take some photos of her, for a school project..but she did not want to cooperate.  But, we managed to get quite a few cute photos….One of the problems was that we didn’t have shoes for the babies.  And though, I love them without shoes…they did NOT like touching the grass!!  So…next stop…shoe store!!