Have I had this as my title before??? If not..I should have!  Getting into the swing of school has been crazy.  I knew it would be a lot…but I had no idea it would have been this hard!  Everyone decided to get sick right as school started…Tuesday had walking pneumonia, Christopher had pneumonia and River had some strange coughing thing that wouldn’t go back and forth to the doctor’s office we went…again and again.  Many medications later….some are better..some are still getting better.  River is finishing up the last of her medications today..but she still has to do a nebulizer three times a day..which is all new to me.  I just never had sick children before..we’ve always been so lucky!!  Pneumonia, coughs, ear infections…and now Tuesday has a fracture on her growth plate on her ankle!!  I am tired of running to the doctor’s office every other day!!  But in between all the sick appointments, the babies had their one year wellness checkup…All went well.  They are healthy and growing!!

Happy Friday!!

First Day of School….

After much anticipation, River started Kindergarten!  She was so nervous and excited!  The rain stopped, just long enough to be able to walk to school.  Tuesday started high school, and almost missed her bus on the first day (though she missed it the next two days!).  Quinn took everything in stride and didn’t seem fazed by the first day of 7th grade!

Seeing River on her first day of school reminded me of Tuesday and Quinn…oh, so long ago!  I just had to post some photos from Tuesday and Quinn’s first days of Kindergarten.  Tuesday was you can see by the look on her face.  Quinn was so excited..I don’t think he had time to be nervous!!