Embrace the Camera….

I don’t seem to get a picture that often of me and the babies..so I tried to set out and get some photos…but I was taking them myself..not an easy task.  Of course, I didn’t feel like getting out the tripod and setting the camera up with the timer.  I wanted to take the easy way out and just use my phone.  So, I got down on the floor with the babies and took some photos.  Well, I got quite a bit of hair pulled out…but finally managed to snap a few good shots….

Go embrace the camera…

Life with twins….

Now that I have twins, it seems that everywhere I go, there are twins.  So many people seem to have twins.  Yet raising twins seems such a daunting task..I often wonder how so many people have survived!  Every day I feel like I am running a marathon…..yet, at the end..there is no rest period.  You just get up and do it all over again.  I’ve never felt so many different emotions within a 24 hour period.  It has been the best experience and the worst experience.  I’ve learned so much and regretted so much.  I want to cherish every moment and I’m afraid to miss a moment.  I want to hug them every second, yet sometimes I just want to get away for hours.

Every day brings new challenges and new insights.  I’ve learned to be patient and yet, my patience is wearing thin.  Whenever I am out and about, so many people say…”how do you do it?”  I think that is a funny question…you just do what you have to do…sometimes without really thinking about it and other times, it is all I think about!

The first seven months just flew by and yet it the time seemed to last forever.  My life has become a bunch of contradictions…it seems crazy, yet normal…all at the same time.  I want to savor each and every day….yet, I just want to sleep.

I want to give them every minute of my day, yet I want to make sure I give just as much of myself to my other children.  It is all so daunting, yet so simple.  These little creatures have already taught me so much.

These moments are precious and I will treasure them….after I get a nap!

Embrace the camera……

Yesterday was my 45th birthday….wow…unbelievable!  River asked me how old I’ll be when the babies are 45.  I told her 90 (gulp!).  She said she hoped the babies would be out living out of our house by then…..(interesting how she thinks!)  I told her that by that time, I might be living in their house and they might be changing my diapers!!  Oh, how life repeats itself!!  I had a wonderful day that was filled with wonderful stuff.  Little Grey was grumpy all day because of her diaper rash..which is never fun..but we struggled through and she is doing better today.  I got Tuesday to take a few pictures of Escher while I was holding him.  Have a great Thursday and go embrace the camera…..