This is it…..

Okay..this is it… last day of being pregnant!  Tomorrow I am going to be induced and hopefully have a “natural” birth…if you can have a natural birth after being induced.   I am nervous and excited….all at the same time.  I have been keeping myself so busy that I haven’t given tomorrow much thought.  I was having contractions all day yesterday…but I’m feeling much better today!  And I finished ALL 60 DIAPERS!!  I am so excited that I was able to finish them all!!

Today, I want to finish up a few more things..and then relax….just enjoy the last moments of being pregnant..maybe take some video and some photos…of my giant belly!!

Have a great weekend………I know I will………

Diapers…..and to the finish line…..

I’m got 60 diapers to finish in four days!  I’m 37 weeks and things are nearing the end at this point.  I’m getting a bit nervous, but trying to stay focused.  I’ve never been induced before, so it is a little strange knowing the exact date that I’ll be going into labor.  I think it is a good thing that I have all these diapers to keep me busy!!

Guess Who?……redo……

All my children have loved the game Guess Who?  And awhile ago, I saw this, and decided I needed to try my own Guess Who? game revision.  I didn’t exactly want to do the poop version…..but just changed it up a bit.  So, I asked River what she wanted to do…and she said she wanted an insect and animal version.  So, off we went to look for 24 clipart images that she liked.

After what seemed like forever, we found all the images, printed them on card stock (3 sets), and cut them out.  Then we set out to poke out all the old cards and put in the new cards.

It took awhile and a lot of patience..but we finally finished.  River was so excited to play the new version.   There was a bit of a learning curve to use the new pictures, but we figured it out and had a lot of fun.  Now we have two sets of cards and when we get tired of the new ones..we can always switch back to the original!  Maybe we’ll even add a third set some day!

Embrace the Camera…36 weeks….

Well….I am almost done with week 36 of this pregnancy……pretty incredible.  I don’t think I would say that the time has flown…but it has gone by quicker than expected…..I think.  Sometime…way back when…in my pregnancy…..I took some photos of River and I……so I thought I would retake some….at 36 weeks.  I am scheduled to be induced in 9 days…wow…9 days….August 27th….very exciting!

I’m not sure what happened in this photo…..but it looks like it was something exciting.  After a few shots…River decided she wanted to be in charge of the clicker…….then she decided she wanted some photos of just herself…….

Anyway, go embrace the camera……with Emily…..

Cloth Diapers…..

This time around I decided to make my own diapers…..and of course, I should have started making them a long time ago!  I had never made a diaper before, so it took me awhile to decide on a pattern and style.  I used the pattern and a lot of the information from the Cloth Revolution Diaper Pattern.  But I felt I needed a little more detail on the actual sewing, so I found some different instructions at Dianna’s Journal.  I wanted to make the diapers as cheaply as possibly, so I’ve been using mostly old t shirts and old flannel sheets.

There are so many different type of cloth diapers out was hard to make a decision about what style to make, what materials to use, whether or not to use snaps or velcro… becomes mind boggling.  I decided to make the newborn size and I hope they fit nicely and that they will fit for awhile!!

So far, I have finished 16 diapers…..I’ve got a lot more to make!!

Embrace the Camera…..

So Tuesday took some photos of us..then Quinn took some photos of us..then River took some photos of us…..I figured there would be at least a couple of good ones…..Not too long from now…and this won’t be “all” my children……about two more weeks……(wow!)

Happy Thursday and go embrace the camera…….