River is balloon deprived. She loves balloons…but I don’t like balloons.  So she never gets a balloon.  Last week, she went to a restaurant and she got a balloon!  I truly think it was her FIRST balloon.  She was so excited, but, of course, it deflated by the end of the day.  So, the next day, I took her out and got her another balloon. She got to pick which balloon she wanted!  She was so excited.  That balloon went with us everywhere!!  Until the next evening…when the balloon met the ceiling fan….they didn’t like each other and the ceiling fan won.  So, the next day we had to get another balloon.  Who knew a balloon could bring such happiness!

TV dinner….

The other night, it was just River and I for dinner.  She asked if we could have a TV dinner.  She said she would love to make herself a pita pizza…”just like the one she ate when she watched basketball with Daddy and Quinn!”  She also said she’d like to watch Max and Ruby.  So, a TV dinner is what we had.  She made her pizza and we watched Max and Ruby.  She ate every last drop of her dinner!  And then had a Kit Kat for dessert.  A Kit Kat that she bought with her own money.

New Dress…..

So, I went to the thrift store the other day and found this adorable t shirt..that I just couldn’t pass up (98 cents!!).  I knew it was too small for me..but I thought it would make the cutest little dress for River.  So, I didn’t want to use a pattern..I thought I could try on my own to make it into a dress…it was a bit too I got an orange t shirt and added some length and width…….It turned out pretty cute.  (I thought if it turned out horrible….it could be pajamas!)  Well, River instantly loved it and had to put it on…..I told her no stains until after her sister’s violin lessons where I could snap some cute photos!!

Paper Coterie….Our Family…..

On Saturday, we were so excited because our book from Paper Coterie arrived!  I had gotten a $40 coupon to their new store and I was so excited to check out their website and products.  I decided we should do a book about our family and I thought it would fun if River got to write the story.  She helped me pick out most of the pictures..though Tuesday and Quinn wanted to pick out their photos.

We really had a great time putting the book together!  It was pretty easy to upload the photos and figure out how to change the text and move it all around.  Once we were all done proof reading it….we ordered it.  River didn’t understand why we had to wait for our book.  She thought we would just get it right away!

When it arrived, River was so excited!!  It was so nicely wrapped and it even came with a free necklace that River put on right away!!  We instantly fell in love with the book. River has read it many times to lots of different people.  I think she may have all the words memorized!

It will make a great keepsake for years to come.  I’m already thinking about all the great gifts I could get at their store….and the prices are great.  Wow, I sound like a commercial…but I’m really not getting anything from the company out of this post.  I just thought that the whole thing was a great experience and I love how the book turned out!  I will definitely be ordering from them again!

Yucca and Chayote……

So, Tuesday decided we should try some new foods…so this weekend, when we were at the grocery food store, we picked out yucca and chayote.  Yucca is a tropical root vegetable and chayote is a type of squash.  Both sounded interesting.

I looked up some recipes and decided to make yucca fries.  You had to cut them up and then boil them with garlic and bay leaves for 30 minutes.  After the yucca was boiled, you fried it….just like french fries.  The chayote, I decided to just saute in some olive oil.

Well, did we enjoy it…..they were alright.  The yucca fries did taste pretty much like normal fries…..if we put ketchup on them….you probably couldn’t tell the difference.  The chayote was a bit bland.  I think if I had used a different recipe, it would have tasted better.  I think the worst part was that my house still smells like frying yucca!  I can’t get rid of the smell…….(I know my plate below looks a bit sparse..but I still have a bit of morning sickness and the thought of the yucca and chayote didn’t really appeal to me too much!!)


Today River showed me her marble collection. They are kept in a “very special little box” that she keeps in her room.  She explained each marble to me, along with its name.

This one is the “cake marble because the inside looks like a chocolate cake.”

Her sister, Tuesday, gave her the marbles and she considers them quite a treasure.  They must always be put away properly so that they don’t get lost!

This is the “cat’s eye marble because it looks like a green cat’s eye.  It is the most  specialest one!”

The blue is the “fan’s eye marble because inside it looks like a fan….a little blue fan.  And the green one is called green grass eye because the color looks like grass.”