Measure twice…cut once…

These are words to live by..unfortunately, I never live by them.  I am constantly in a rush and constantly trying to do a million things at once!  I hate to follow patterns and directions, yet at the same time I am a perfectionist!  These things do not go well together.  I am always having to redo things that I did incorrectly.  I keep reminding myself that it is okay to slow down and breathe….as my youngest daughter says, “Chew and swallow, chew and swallow.”  I’m trying to remember to measure twice, cut once….but it isn’t easy.


What’s hot and what’s not…..

Okay….I got inspired by one of my favorite blogs…..

She challenged anyone to do a what’s hot and what’s not list of their own…so here goes:

What’s Hot!!

1. Books.  Books are always hot.  My children wouldn’t know what to do with themselves without a book, and I’m not exaggerating.  They take them school, in the car, to grandparents..everywhere!

2.  Anything Harry Potter.  My kids still love Harry Potter…he is hot right now because of Universal Studios opening up the new theme park in Florida!  Guess where they want to go next Spring???

3.  River.  My daughter River is so popular with Tuesday and Quinn.  They fight over who gets to play with her!  No, really they do!

4.  Hershey’s Especially dark chocolate cake recipe.  It is currently my favorite and my daughter’s favorite dessert!

5.  Cleaning and changing around bedrooms!  It’s what we are doing around here.. in with the new…out with the old…..

What’s Not!!

1.  Homework.  It’s that time of year and my kids don’t like it..but hey who does or ever did????

2.  Edamame.  I love the stuff..but my kids don’t….but I’ll keep trying…

3.  End of swimming.  My kids love to go swimming and now the swim club is closed….so sad…

4.  Early bedtimes.  They are still on summer mode and want to stay up as late as they like…but that is no more since the beginning of school!

5.   Getting up early.  My daughter is in middle school now, so that means everybody getting up at 6:30….It is just easier if everyone gets up at the same time!  (I’m the most unhappy about it!)



It is amazing how children in the same family can be so different.  These photos tell it all.  The first photo is my daughter’s art desk and the second photo is my son’s art desk.  Now, I have to be truthful and say that my daughter is in the middle of a school project right now…but it doesn’t matter..she is always in the middle of something and her desk always looks like this!  I swear I didn’t touch anything on either desk….this is just the way they were left!



Back to School……

Well…it is that time of year…as everyone is saying….everyone is going back to school…at least in my little world.  Tuesday and Quinn are back into the swing of things.  My little one isn’t sure what to make of things.  She is confused that they aren’t home during the day and she is really confused that they are going to TWO different schools!  Now we just need to start potty training!