Last week was our annual bike ride to LBI.  My brother started doing this ride 12 years ago with his two children.  Now my family tags along.  I do the ride one way and my husband does the ride the other way.  That way one of us can bring the car and the children.  It is a lot of fun to catch up with family and have some down time!





Bursts of energy…..

Well, for the week, it is just me and my littlest one, River.  Christopher took the kids up to Maine for the week.  So, what did I do with all the time?  Well, of course, I ripped up the carpeting in our living room!  It was something I have wanted to do for a long time.  I thought ripping it up was easier than getting the steam cleaner out and cleaning it!  At first my 2 year old was very upset and kept saying that she didn’t want me to get rid of the carpet!  But, after awhile, she seemed happy about it.

The first photo is a before shot.  I took lots of photos while I was ripping up the carpet, but forgot a before shot!




Displaying artwork….

Lately, I have been coming across a lot of posts in different blogs about displaying artwork.  I love having all my kids artwork all over the house.  River is always quite anxious to have her art creations immediately displayed.  So, I hung string across the fireplace and used clothes pins to display her work.  We rarely have a fire in the fireplace and it is right in the same room with her art desk and all her books.  She loves being able to help hang it.  And she also loves to show it off!