How do we take our lives and put it in a box?  After the loss of my mother, I find myself doing just that over and over again.  It is a difficult thing.  To take an entire life and put the things about that life into boxes.  Boxes that are going to be given away to charity, boxes that will be sent to other loved ones, boxes that are going to be stored in new dark places, boxes that will be treasured for more generations……it is a difficult thing.  One of the boxes I have created is filled with some of my mother’s favorite jewelery.  My mother was not one for fancy items.  She loved simple things and handmade things.  These were some of her favorite things that she treasured.  Things that I can remember as a child touching and looking at with awe.  Things that she thought were special and now I think are special.  Things that my children can touch and look at and think of her and know how special she was….


What to get a one year old…..

I have been trying to think of a good birthday gift for a one year old.  Long ago I made bean bags and my children have always enjoyed playing with them. They are one of those toys that they constantly go back to..inventing new games for them, no matter what age.  My original bean bags were painted. This time I decided to embroider them, which took much longer, but I think it was well worth the effort.  One side has the numbers 1 through 10 and the other side has a color and number coordinated picture.