My Mom…..

This Father’s Day was a bit different than any other.  This Father’s Day was the day my mother died.

I am who I am because of my mom.  She gave me my incredible gift of creativity. She taught me to love art and to love the simple things in life.  She taught me that you don’t have to have a lot of money or a lot of things to enjoy life.  She taught me how to be patient, humble and caring….all in a quiet way.

My mom was one of my best friends.  I will miss her deeply.  I will miss her every day.  I will think of her often.

One of the things I am most grateful for is the time I spent with my mother.  I am also grateful for the time my children had with her.  I saw my mom often and spent many wonderful hours with her.  My children will always remember her laugh, her smile and her love.

She loved the simple things in life.  It didn’t take much to make my mom happy.  She was a wonderful person, a wonderful friend and a wonderful mom.


Spring Cleaning…a bit late…

Well, I finally got around to cleaning out my woolie sweater closet.  I should have taken a “before” photo..but I didn’t think of that until AFTER the cleanup!  I filled two giant trash bags with sweater scraps!  I hate throwing scraps away..I always think, maybe I can use them for something.  But the scraps were taking over the closet.  And I know that in another six months, the closet will be filled with more scraps! Also, please ignore the ebay postal boxes that I have used as separators!  I need to actually make some separators out of wood!



I love recycling things when I can and I love sewing.  So, when my son said he needed some more summer pajamas..I had an idea.  We had just gone through all his old tshirts and made a huge pile of shirts that didn’t fit him any longer.  He is always sad when he has to part with some of his favorite shirts.  So, I found a pattern for shorts and made him a whole bunch of summer pajama shorts using his old shirts.  It took two shirts to make one pair of shorts, so he had a fun time matching up the shirts and he loved seeing his old shirts recycled into something new!  And he said they were the most comfortable shorts he had ever worn!2009-06-10.JPG