Finished Mural….

Well, I finished the Go Dog Go Mural Number 2.  Both murals were a lot of fun.  But now they are done.  Now I am working on a mural in the hallway that goes from the foyer to the upstairs.  It will be awhile until I am finished with that one.  We’ve been working like crazy on all our Christmas gifts.  I will have to post pictures tomorrow of all the wonderful things we’ve made this year for gifts!  Happy Holidays to all!

Another mural….

Well, I’ve started working on the other mural in River’s room. Tomorrow is her second birthday and part of her present is having her room all set up.  We will be putting her “big kid bed” in there and a rug…hopefully.  We haven’t been able to find a rug yet, but we’ll see.  So, my goal is to have this 2nd mural done by tomorrow.  Though I am not sure if it will be accomplished because there is a lot more work to be done.  Again, we will see….