My new mantra…

So, I am trying to be more positive in my life and more calm.  Trying to be less stressed.  So, while trolling about on the internet, I came upon this old English poster, which has quite an interesting history.  It has become my new mantra.  Now, I just have to order a copy of it to hang up in my work space!

Get working….

I need to start being better about updating my website. It won’t get going if I don’t update!

Christopher and the kids are up in Maine for the week. Leaving just me and River home alone! She hasn’t been napping much, but I am trying to get some woolie work done around her schedule! At night, when I really should work, I’m just too tired. My goal is usually to get at least 2 woolie auctions done a day..but that doesn’t always happen! Oh well.