Making woolies

Today I have been sewing a lot.  We are having our gutters replaced, so things are a bit noisy around here.  Luckily, my little one is actually napping through it all.  And because she is napping, I am having time to sew.

I’m a bit exhausted because my husband is away in NYC and little River hasn’t been sleeping through the night.  Being a single parent would be the toughest job in the world!  I don’t wish that upon anyone!

Cloth Diaper Information

On this website, eventually, I would like to have information about cloth diapers. Eventually, but things are happening slowly. But until then, I thought I would mention some of my favorite cloth diaper websites. They are:

I have bought diapers and supplies from both these sites. They are always incredibly helpful. If you email them a question, they are very quick to respond. Another favorite website is:

This is a used cloth diaper site. I have bought many used cloth diapers! This is a great place to sell and buy.

New Designs

I am adding many new designs to my woolies.  I draw many of my designs, but I also have started to purchase designs.  I have discovered a wonderful artist named Jodie.  Her website, is quite wonderful.  Her designs are so easy to work with and adorable!

Mother’s Day Trash….

It was a nice weekend. For Mother’s Day, my children “wheeled” in my gift to the bedroom first thing in the morning…a trashcan! My daughter exclaimed, “Mom, check out how big it is! Look inside!” Inside was a beautiful Japanese Maple! So, now we have to plant it outside this coming weekend.

I haven’t done much with this website yet…but slowly, oh so will evolve. I want to start having cloth diaper information, a gallery of customers wearing their woolies, and more. Hopefully, soon…

Have a great rainy day!

Working on Something…

Today I have been trying to accomplish many things. Working on a custom order, cloth diaper laundry, more woolie work and everything else that needs getting done.

River refuses to nap during the day unless she is clinging to me for about an hour. Then, if I’m lucky, she lets me put her down. Most times, though, after an hour of holding her, when I go to put her down, she begins to scream and scream. And I don’t have the guts to ever let her cry it out. So, by now, she is usually still awake and cranky. But loved. And ohh so cute.

Stuff on a Monday…

Today my son was home from school with a sore throat. My youngest one fell three times during the day! Things weren’t going so well. But I was able to finish 3 woolies. I have 2 custom orders that I am working on. Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything done on those, but there is always this evening.

One of the times that River fell this morning was on her face, she hit her nose very hard. I hope she is alright.

First Post…beginning of something

Alright..I have been putting this off forever.  My first post on my website.  It has to happen sometime and it might as well be now.  What are my hopes for this site??  Well, to inform people about my projects, to inform and educate people about cloth diapering, and tell let people know about my life…not in that exact order..sometimes in that order, sometimes not.  We will see how things go.  But things have to begin somewhere.  and it might as well be here.

We will see how things go and how they change.  This site will be evolving..hopefully for the better.  So, stay tuned..

To be continued…