Mytubo Favorite shots from the week…..

Another week has come and gone.  Seems like they go so quickly.  Grey has started to pull herself up to her knees and standing position. All she wants to do is look out the window.  The problem is that she can’t get herself back down.  This is especially NOT fun when she is in her crib in the middle of the night!  She and Escher are starting to interact a lot more, making each other laugh and playing together.  I love taking photos with the natural light coming in the window.

River learned how to ride her bike this past week.  She just said, “I don’t want training wheels anymore….and took off!”  We couldn’t believe it!  She rides so makes me a bit crazy!

Along with crawling and pulling herself up…Grey is starting to be a bit more independent.  I think she is wondering off more and doing a bit more without worrying about me.  She still seems like the quiet one..compared to Escher.  And Escher got his first tooth this week.  A second one is coming right in!  I can’t believe they are almost nine months old!


Embrace the camera….


It always seems like as soon as I try to take a photo with one of the babies..the other one starts to fuss…..always.  Again, with the patience.  Will I ever fully learn patience?  Seems like it is one of those endless lessons in life.  I hope I’m getting better at it..especially when it is around 3:30 and the second shift is coming home.  I never seem to get that perfect shot that I had in my head….it does always seem perfect in my head….I guess, again, that’s just life.  But I figure, any picture with the babies, or any of my children, is a good picture.  Happy Thursday and go embrace the camera….



MyTubo favorites from the week…..

Here are some of my favorite photos from the last week that I’ve posted on Mytubo.  Nap time is still a challenge..not with Grey.  I put them in separate rooms for nap time, so Grey goes in her swing.  She loves the swing and sleeps very well.  But Escher, he does not sleep well during nap time.  It takes him forever to fall asleep and he doesn’t stay asleep for long.  But at night time, he loves his crib.  Who can figure it out.

Morning time is always a bit crazy…especially when I’ve been up since 5 am.  I love how this shot captures the craziness, yet wonderful-ness of it all.

All River wants to do is “hold” and be with the babies.  I love this shot because it captures their little feet and how cute they are together.

River took this shot and I just love it.  It pretty much captures her personality!  It is one of my favorites.  And the last two are nature shots. that I took over the weekend.  I hope you are having a happy Monday!