Blankets and Babies….

All summer long, the babies stayed on their blanket. Every day we walked to the swim club and the babies played on the blanket, while River had swim practice. Day after day the babies were awesome.  We had so much fun playing on the blanket with all the pool toys.  I’m not able, by myself, to handle both of the babies in the baby pool, so we hung out on our blanket.   They would play with the toys and sometimes crawl to the nearby chair or stroller and explore a bit.

Until one day, Grey looked beyond the blanket and realized, there was indeed a world beyond the blanket.  And, at that point, there was no looking back.  Life at the swim club has never been the same!  Thank goodness swim team only had a couple days left because it was too much running around for me.

Also, I love my double stroller (Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller), but River is at that age where she gets tired, especially after swimming.  She wants to ride in the stroller and we tried that, but it doesn’t work well. So, I bought this lovely contraption that you stick on the back of your stroller.  I looked into so many different models, and I didn’t love the one that was for my actual stroller.  I ended up buying one that was a universal one that fit on many different stroller. (Valco Baby Hitch Hiker Ride on Board). It was supposed to be a bit higher, which would make walking behind it easier.  At first, we tried River standing and she didn’t like that too much.  Then, I came up with the sitting method, and she loves it.  It couldn’t be more perfect.  She can rest, hang out, eat, drink….heck, she could take a nap back there.  As for me, it is a lot of extra weight, especially up our big hill!  But, hey, I can always use an extra workout!