Have I had this as my title before??? If not..I should have!  Getting into the swing of school has been crazy.  I knew it would be a lot…but I had no idea it would have been this hard!  Everyone decided to get sick right as school started…Tuesday had walking pneumonia, Christopher had pneumonia and River had some strange coughing thing that wouldn’t go back and forth to the doctor’s office we went…again and again.  Many medications later….some are better..some are still getting better.  River is finishing up the last of her medications today..but she still has to do a nebulizer three times a day..which is all new to me.  I just never had sick children before..we’ve always been so lucky!!  Pneumonia, coughs, ear infections…and now Tuesday has a fracture on her growth plate on her ankle!!  I am tired of running to the doctor’s office every other day!!  But in between all the sick appointments, the babies had their one year wellness checkup…All went well.  They are healthy and growing!!

Happy Friday!!

One Year Old……

I can’t believe it…my little babies are one year old!!  It seems like just yesterday Hurricane Irene was here..and the little guys were born. The first thing the nurse said to me was……”Twins!  Welcome to your year of hell!”  I was a bit shocked by that statement and it scared me a bit.  I must say it hasn’t been an easy year…but it has been far from hell!  I love these little guys so much and I can’t imagine our family without them!!  They still don’t sleep through the night..but I love and cherish every second with them.  They both have started walking. They love to pet the cats and dogs.  They’ve got top and bottom teeth.  They wave bye bye.  Grey loves to sit on anything that will support her weight.  Escher loves to dance and groove to the music. The both love free naked time.

And Tuesday, Quinn and River love them so much.  They still fight about who gets to spend time with them. They all have been such a big help with the babies.  I can’t imagine having twins without the support of the older ones.

It certainly has been a challenging year..full of changes, transitions, tears, grumpiness, laughter, lots of laughter…..and there is still so much more to come….


I survived the beach…..

Yes…I survived taking the babies to the beach.  I don’t like the beach…all the sun, sand and water.  But every year we go to the beach.  We don’t just go to the beach…that would be too easy…we bike to the beach, which seems crazy.  It is a tradition that my brother started, with his children, 15 years ago.  So, we continue the tradition, with him and our children.  But someone has to drive I drive one way and my husband drives the other way.  It is a lot of fun…but I knew this year…it would be a lot of work.  Somehow, it all worked out and we all had a blast.  Thank goodness I insisted on bringing a baby pool because the babies loved it as much as they loved the pool and the sand.  Well, Escher did not like the sand..but Grey loved it!  She didn’t want to leave.  Also, I had a great time biking back from the beach.  It was Tuesday’s second year riding and Quinn’s first….and he did great!  He even rode back.

Babies..and stuff

The last couple of days I have been putting little blocks and cups on the window interest the babies.  Yesterday I forgot to do when Escher first got into the play area…the first thing he did was…go through the bins of toys and grab out the same little blocks and cups that I had been putting on the sill. He was so excited to crawl over and start putting them on the sill.  By the time I grabbed my camera, he had already started to knock them off!  And my pictures are blurry.  But it was so cute, I had to try to capture the moment!

Grey’s latest thing is that she loves to sit on things.  She will sit on anything she can find.  It is adorable. She flips over every stool, bucket, or toy..that will hold her..and sits on them!  She hasn’t sat on Escher yet…

We have been taking walks each night, after dinner..since it is just the three of us.  The mosquitoes are horrible..poor little Grey is covered with bites.  Yesterday, as we were coming back, I noticed a neighbor across the street struggling with his recycling container.  I went over and asked him if he needed help.  He said “no..I am up in years..and just slow.”  I introduced myself and then he introduced himself.  He asked me where I lived…and I said..across the street.  Isn’t that funny.  We have lived here for about 7 years and I have never met my neighbor across the street. When we went on our walk last night, we passed 8 people..none of whom said hello or even looked our way..we “literally” passed by them on the sidewalk and they said nothing.  People are so strange.  When I was a child, everyone said hello.  If I do say hello….the people look at me as though I am a criminal..with a stroller..and twins.  Oh well.  Happy Thursday…

Growing up…

I can’t believe it has been almost a year since the babies were born.  I know every parent says that… just sounds so cliche.  But it is so true.  It has been a quiet house this week.  Everybody is gone to Maine..except the babies and I.  Right now the babies are sleeping and it is pouring rain.  It just feels so cozy and wonderful.  It has been nice having this time alone with them.  Sometimes, being the youngest of five, I feel like they don’t always get the attention they need.  I’m sure it all works out and things even out..but it is nice having the time to give them all my attention.  Especially, right before they turn one!

Escher took a few steps last week, though he hasn’t attempted any more.  Grey has six teeth and seems to be getting more.  Escher still just has two.  I think Escher’s official first word is kitty cat.  They still don’t sleep through the night..I’m a sucker!  But they do take two naps…most days!  I just love them so much… last little babies are growing up…too fast!!

Bodily fluids….

Today has been one of those days….filled with nothing but cleaning……all types of bodily fluids.  Grey wasn’t feeling well during the night and kept throwing up.   Then Escher wet through his diaper.  Some how five am came way too fast…with both babies up and ready for the day.  I fed Grey and she decided she needed to throw up again…right after I put her in the not only did she have to be cleaned, but so did the swing.  (Did I mention that last night, during free naked time, she pooped and rolled all over it and through it… she went directly into the tub!)  Anyway, that is the type of day it has been….I’m tired.

Embrace the Camera….

I don’t seem to get a picture that often of me and the I tried to set out and get some photos…but I was taking them myself..not an easy task.  Of course, I didn’t feel like getting out the tripod and setting the camera up with the timer.  I wanted to take the easy way out and just use my phone.  So, I got down on the floor with the babies and took some photos.  Well, I got quite a bit of hair pulled out…but finally managed to snap a few good shots….

Go embrace the camera…

Life with twins….

Now that I have twins, it seems that everywhere I go, there are twins.  So many people seem to have twins.  Yet raising twins seems such a daunting task..I often wonder how so many people have survived!  Every day I feel like I am running a marathon…..yet, at the end..there is no rest period.  You just get up and do it all over again.  I’ve never felt so many different emotions within a 24 hour period.  It has been the best experience and the worst experience.  I’ve learned so much and regretted so much.  I want to cherish every moment and I’m afraid to miss a moment.  I want to hug them every second, yet sometimes I just want to get away for hours.

Every day brings new challenges and new insights.  I’ve learned to be patient and yet, my patience is wearing thin.  Whenever I am out and about, so many people say…”how do you do it?”  I think that is a funny question…you just do what you have to do…sometimes without really thinking about it and other times, it is all I think about!

The first seven months just flew by and yet it the time seemed to last forever.  My life has become a bunch of contradictions…it seems crazy, yet normal…all at the same time.  I want to savor each and every day….yet, I just want to sleep.

I want to give them every minute of my day, yet I want to make sure I give just as much of myself to my other children.  It is all so daunting, yet so simple.  These little creatures have already taught me so much.

These moments are precious and I will treasure them….after I get a nap!