Embrace the Camera……lovin’ it……

So, I wanted to participate in Embrace the Camera with Emily over at her blog, 3 boys and a little lady….and I wanted to take photos with my three children…I can’t tell you if I have ever taken photos with just me and my three children…how sad is that??  Well, River instantly decided she wanted no part of it…..so Quinn and Tuesday and I took a bunch of photos..we had so much fun..and then at the end…River joined us..though she was still a bit grumpy.

We had so much fun taking all the photos..and it was great to get some good ones of just me and Tuesday and then me and Quinn and then the three of us….and then River…..

We took a million photos..I had a hard time picking out my favorites!!

Favorite Shoes…..

Who doesn’t have a pair of favorite shoes?  Quinn’s favorite shoes are his Crocs.  He literally wears them everyday, all year!  It doesn’t matter if it is snowing, raining or hailing!  We had so much snow this year and he still wore his Crocs!

Tuesday’s favorite shoes are her Adidas flip flops.  She needs a new pair.  We’ve ordered her a new pair.  She is very picky about her shoes.  Once she finds  a pair of shoes she likes..she wants the same pair over and over again.  This isn’t always easy.   They always have to be “ordered”…thank goodness for the internet!

River’s favorite shoes are her pink Uggs.  She needs new ones.  Hers are disgustingly dirty!  You can’t call them boots…they are Uggs..she reminds you of this.  She wears them even if it is 99° outside!  She loves them!

Atomic Fire Balls, Hot Tamales and Cry Baby Sour Balls……photo shoot…..

So, I am still following along with the Giver’s Log Shoot Along and this weeks assignment was to do a sour face or fire ball photo shoot.  So, we went out and bought some Hot Tamales, Atomic Fireballs and Cry Baby Sour gum.  Everyone got in on the act and got their picture taken.  The real challenge of the day was to put all three different candies in your mouth at once…but no one was up to that challenge!

River didn’t want to try the hot stuff…and I didn’t force her….she thought the sour balls were delicious and didn’t make any good faces…except cute ones!!!!!  Tuesday was convinced that River is too young and didn’t know what sour was…but I assured her, that River knows what sour is…but for some reason…thought the sour balls were yummy!

It was  a lot of fun to look over all the funny faces….especially my own!  I think Tuesday made the best faces of all…with Quinn coming in a close second!

What’s Hot and what’s not..part III

Wow…my third what’s hot and what’s not post!  I can’t believe it.  Writing a post every day has helped me alot.  It makes me think about what I am going to write and makes me focus a bit more.  I am continuing the loobylu tradition and continuing the what’s hot and what’s not posting.

What’s hot:

-Candy corn…We keep it in a little halloween container and my 2 year old daughter has figured out how to “steal” the candy while no one is looking..or so she thinks!

-Fake 100 dollar bill…my father gave us this…it is an advertisement for a company on the one side, but the other side looks like a real one hundred dollar bill.  We have all been having a lot of fun tricking people with it.

-My new ipod!  It gets loaded with tons of great music and movies for the car rides that are not so fun!

-Microwave popcorn…we’ve been eating too much of it..maybe it’s the cold weather….

-Chocolate and white chocolate chip and coconut swirl cake…too delicious..especially the fudge like icing!

-Sweaters waiting to be made into woolies..

-Mail…my daughter has acquired a little mail box and every day she waits anxiously for “mail!”

-Games…games..and more games…my daughter wants to play them all day long!

What’s Not:

-Microwave popcorn…we’ve been eating too much of it..maybe it’s the cold weather….

-Chocolate and white chocolate chip and coconut swirl cake…too delicious..especially the fudge like icing!

(I had to write those two in both spots!!!)

-A hardwood floor that has been newly discovered under a worn out rug…but it has glue all over it and needs fixing up!

-A still dying plant..that doesn’t know what to do with itself!

-School forms..it seems that every time I turn around there is another form to fill out for school!2009-10-14.jpg