January begins……

So, January has begun and it is already the 17th!! How does time go by so quickly.  We had our first snowfall..which lasted for about 2 hours.  By the time we were able to make it outside..it had practically all melted…so sad!!  And we’ve had no snow since. I love snow and I want snow…  Winter without snow, just isn’t winter.

Also, Quinn’s birthday came and went.  He is 12 years old…I can’t believe my children are growing so quickly.  I am so proud of him.  He is such a considerate and passionate person…..just an awesome human being!!  Quinn wanted a pie for his birthday..so Tuesday made it for him.

Snow Cream…..

Every time it snows….everybody wants to have snow cream for dessert.  In our family, there are two different ways to make it.  For either version, you need a big bowl of fresh snow!

For the first variety, all you need is maple syrup…just pour in as much as you like…which in our families case, is a lot!  Stir it up and enjoy…..very simple.

The other version involves sugar and vanilla!  It all depends on your mood.

For this version, all you do is add about a teaspoon of vanilla and sugar…..a lot of sugar, if you are one of my children!

And of course, you have to mush it all up before you can enjoy it!


We got hit with a big snowstorm yesterday…..it is so windy and cold…but of course, the kids love it…especially River.

She doesn’t want to come inside…she would rather stay out in the snow all day….If you are having snow..I hope you are safe and warm……and if you aren’t having snow…I hope you are safe and warm….enjoy….