Did I mention that I went on a trip last week?  To California!  And did I mention that I left behind the babies and River????  For my birthday, my husband surprised me with a trip to California, to visit my brother.  It was just me, Tuesday and Quinn.  Christopher took the week off and stayed home with River and the babies.  Though, I was sad that they didn’t come….we had a great time.  And I had a great time sleeping through the night!

We had a wonderful time in Long Beach, Palos Verdes, Joshua Tree National Park, Palm Springs, Hollywood and so many other places!!  The weather and views were incredible!

And the food was delicious!!  Every place my brother took us to was so good.  The weather was incredible……sun, snow, rainbows, name it..we encountered it.  Also,  we saw tons wild life….skunks, raccoons, parrots, hummingbirds, possum….and that was just in my brother’s backyard!!

I’ve been spending so much time with River and the babies… was great having time with Quinn and Tuesday!  My niece flew out with us and stayed for one day!!  We loved having her with us and we were so sad when she had to leave.

It rained in Palm Springs and we saw a rainbow!!  Then we took the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway in Chino Canyon.  After the 10 minute ride the elevation at the Mountain Station is 8,516 ft…and it was a blizzard!  So fun!!  It was a great trip…but I was so happy to get home to my little ones!  I pumped the whole time I was gone…and it just isn’t the same as nursing!!


Our Thanksgiving trip to Niagra Falls…..

This Thanksgiving we decided to do something totally different….and take a trip over Thanksgiving.  It was the first time that we have ever done something like that.  At first, we thought we would go somewhere local…maybe camping….then it sort of grew and grew and grew from there…….we ended up going to Niagara Falls!  It was so much fun!

We don’t take many trips, so it was a lot of fun and a great adventure!  I have never been to any part of Canada, so I really loved finally getting to go……we all had a blast.

We saw the Falls from the Canadian side (Tuesday almost fell in…or at least pretended to….), ate in a revolving restaurant, went behind the Falls (the boat tour was closed for the season…..), saw a rainbow, froze, got wet, went swimming in an incredible water park, saw the Falls from the American side, ate a lot of food, did a lot of Mad Libs, saw snow and froze some more!!

It was very cold…so there were hardly any tourists around!  I’m sure if we went in the summer…..we would have been complaining it was too hot!  It was a great little vacation!