Halloween…sort of….

Well..it is Halloween…well, sort of….but there are no costumes, no school, no trick or treating…..everything has been postponed until Friday.  Hurricane Sandy has come and gone.  We were lucky….we had no damage in our area.  We never lost our electricity and we barely had any branches fall down.  A lot of New Jersey wasn’t so lucky.  So much flooding and devastation around the state….really scary stuff.  Half of our town is still without electricity..so they had to close the schools for another day.

It is very strange….being Halloween…yet…not Halloween.


I still haven’t painted any murals in River’s new room (and the babies new room)…..but then I remembered I had a watercolor mural that I had used when I was a teacher.  I did it in water colors and then laminated it..so it could be reused again and again.  River had a lot of fun helping to put up the mural.  And then, when Fall is over, maybe I’ll feel inspired (and awake enough) to start on a real mural!