Embrace the Camera…..

I’ve been “trying” to exercise each day.  Usually, I just run around with with babies doing the every day chores..that ends up being my exercise.  But Tuesday has been walking with me each night.  A few nights ago she wasn’t feeling well, so Quinn took a walk with me.  There are some woods near where we live..the magic forest.  It is one of my favorite places to walk at night.  It is also a great place to take photographs….at night and during the day.

Embrace the Camera…with River and Grey…..

I was working with River on some homework for her preschool…not easy with little ones about! Of course, Grey wanted to get in on the fun….so we decided to take some photos for Embrace the Camera…..even trickier…..especially when I discovered my camera was on Macro mode…oh well….go embrace the camera….

Embrace the Camera….Christmas Tree Shots

Every year we do our Christmas tree shots…as always…I forget about it til the last minute.  By the time we took them this year..the tree was so dry and droopy.  Right after the photos..I ripped the tree down and dragged it outside…..all the decorations are finally put away!!

Embrace the Camera…Waiting for Santa…part II

So, the other day, while we were waiting for Santa to arrive…on the fire truck….we had to fill the time somehow.  And we were waiting a long time for Santa.  So, we were taking photos of each other.  It was a lot of fun. We were trying to look sad, mad…and maybe a bit scary!…..

Go embrace the camera…..

Embrace the Camera…Jingle Ball

Last week, I took Tuesday and Quinn to the Jingle Ball…a huge concert with about 12 bands.  It was the second year in a row that we went..but this year it was at a much larger stadium.  It was a lot of fun and incredibly loud….after going I don’t want to go to another concert for about a year…which is just about right!!  Just the experience of going with Tuesday and Quinn was great.  Taking the train and subway and spending the time together. I know the days are numbered when they won’t want to be seen at a concert with their mom…so I treasure these times!! It was a long concert and didn’t finish til about 1 in the morning.  Since there are so many artists, each one only plays a few songs.  I think next year,  it may be more fun to pick one artist and go to a whole concert.  I think the best part was the train ride home…..it was raining and hailing and we got soaking wet…and the train was filled with people from the concert.  Tuesday and Quinn did some planking..which was hilarious!

Embrace the Camera….Thanksgiving…..

Over Thanksgiving, we went on a little trip to Atlantic City.  It was the perfect little getaway.  It was only an hour by train..so there was no traffic to worry about.  Who doesn’t love a train ride. We got a great hotel room…..the pool was under construction..which was a bummer.  But we had so much fun.  It was nice and relaxing!  Just perfect for the holiday! We ate, slept..(okay, I didn’t sleep much), shop, saw the ocean and walked all around.  Oh, and I was crowned Miss America while I was down there!  Go Embrace the Camera…..

Embrace the Camera….

The other day, while in the bathroom…I noticed this shadow.  So, while changing a diaper…I do that often..I had Quinn snap a picture for me!  Things have been a bit exhausting around here.  It seems like the babies take turns being the cranky one.  I just get one quiet and calmed down and then the next one starts.  Getting them both to sleep at the same time is difficult.  I think it would be easier if I knew I’d be getting a good night sleep at the end of the day..but that doesn’t happen.  Grey is getting better at sleeping during the night, but Escher still wakes up about every hour or so.  I’m looking forward to the day when they both sleep for three hours during the night!

Embrace the Camera…Halloween

So, every Halloween we go pick pumpkins.  But this Halloween, it never happened.  Sadly, the night before Halloween we went to the grocery food store and picked pumpkins!  But there were no plain pumpkins left..only pumpkins that were painted!  Tuesday insisted that we take pictures as we picked out the pumpkins, since we weren’t going to the pumpkin patch!  Then, we had to go home and scrub the paint faces off of the pumpkins! Then, the pumpkin carving began…along with pretending to vomit up the pumpkin guts and pretending to throw it at each other…..(it was all pretend!)  Then Tuesday took my glasses and pretended to be a ghost while Quinn grabbed the camera and took a million photos!  It was a fun family night!

Embrace the Camera….

Today’s Embrace the Camera is all about…..relaxing….breathing…..not an easy thing to do for me…….especially now that I have two 7 week old babies!  Somebody is always needing something…and I never get to get anything done…completely….I’m always being interrupted…….but I’m learning…that it is okay…not to finish everything..when I want to…..Normally I want to get everything done right away..I don’t like waiting!  I like to have everything neat and tidy!!!

I’m also trying to move around a bit more..literally….I have everything I need set up in the bedroom…and that was great for the first few weeks…..and it is easy to spend the day there…..squirreled away….but I get bored..River gets bored…and the babies get bored…so I am trying to learn to bring the babies with me..as I do things around the house.  This makes things a lot harder, and it makes things take longer, and it doesn’t always have the outcome I’m hoping for…but I think it makes everyone a bit happier….

I’m also trying to learn that it is okay if a baby cries for a minute or two….just so I can go to the bathroom or throw some clothes into the laundry!  It seems that as soon as I leave their side..someone starts crying…VERY LOUDLY…..as though I’ve left them for hours and hours!  Hearing a baby cry cuts right through me….

Anyway..that is what today’s Embrace the Camera is about….hanging out in the kitchen..with the babies…..when I haven’t showered and so many things need to be done……(and for once holding Escher….you can barely see little Grey..in her bouncy seat..)