Embrace the Camera….

Last week River and I made homemade tortillas. They were delicious.  I took lots of photos, but then never posted any of them.  Sometimes having twins takes up ALL of my time!  Things get crazy and each day goes by so quickly.  They are almost ten months old…that is crazy!

Three years ago today….my mother died.  I was looking for a nice photo of she and I…..and I can’t find one..at least one that is recent at all.  Another reason why I love the idea of embracing the camera!  I found one from my wedding….but I really wish I had one from my wedding…that was just she and I!!

Embrace the Camera…

Have I mentioned that I’ve been downloading lots of fun free camera apps???  I think I have mentioned it.  My latest is pudding camera.   I love all the different options it has for camera.   River and I had a lot of fun today fooling around with it!  Everyone around here has a cold….me, River, Grey, Escher and Tuesday…..ugh…  It isn’t fun having two grumpy babies who want constant attention and cuddling!!  Lots of snotty tissues.  But, anyway, enjoy your Thursday and go embrace the camera…..

Embrace the camera….


It always seems like as soon as I try to take a photo with one of the babies..the other one starts to fuss…..always.  Again, with the patience.  Will I ever fully learn patience?  Seems like it is one of those endless lessons in life.  I hope I’m getting better at it..especially when it is around 3:30 and the second shift is coming home.  I never seem to get that perfect shot that I had in my head….it does always seem perfect in my head….I guess, again, that’s just life.  But I figure, any picture with the babies, or any of my children, is a good picture.  Happy Thursday and go embrace the camera….



Embrace the Camera….

Seems like all Escher wants to do is crawl these days.  He isn’t interested in sitting…he has no time to sit!  Grey is trying to figure out the crawling thing, but she hasn’t figured it out yet….rolling works better for her.  Laying on the floor with the babies is so much fun, but risky.  They love pulling hair….usually mine.  Well, go embrace the camera..before they grow up!


Embrace the Camera……

Hi there and Happy Thursday!  It is so hard to find time to play with JUST River…the babies just NEED so much time!  Whenever I’m taking photos of the babies, of course River wants to get in there also.  So, whenever it is nap time, I try to take some time for just River and I….like crazy photos!  So, here we are, being goofy.  Have a great day and go embrace the camera!

Embrace the Camera….

I don’t seem to get a picture that often of me and the babies..so I tried to set out and get some photos…but I was taking them myself..not an easy task.  Of course, I didn’t feel like getting out the tripod and setting the camera up with the timer.  I wanted to take the easy way out and just use my phone.  So, I got down on the floor with the babies and took some photos.  Well, I got quite a bit of hair pulled out…but finally managed to snap a few good shots….

Go embrace the camera…

Embrace the camera……

Yesterday was my 45th birthday….wow…unbelievable!  River asked me how old I’ll be when the babies are 45.  I told her 90 (gulp!).  She said she hoped the babies would be out living out of our house by then…..(interesting how she thinks!)  I told her that by that time, I might be living in their house and they might be changing my diapers!!  Oh, how life repeats itself!!  I had a wonderful day that was filled with wonderful stuff.  Little Grey was grumpy all day because of her diaper rash..which is never fun..but we struggled through and she is doing better today.  I got Tuesday to take a few pictures of Escher while I was holding him.  Have a great Thursday and go embrace the camera…..


Embrace the Camera…

Tuesday and I have been doing a lot of late night walking.  When I say late…I mean about 8:30 or 9:00…after I’ve put the babies to bed.  When I say to bed…I mean that they are in their cribs and staying asleep for hopefully a few hours!  Grey has gotten really good at sleeping at night, but Escher can’t seem to get the concept..unless he is in bed with me!  Last night, though…Grey didn’t seem to be feeling well and she just wouldn’t settle down. So, we took her on our walk. It was fun getting her all bundled up and in the baby carrier.  I don’t know why I thought she might fall asleep during the walk.  She stayed alert and wide awake the whole time!  Half way through our walk, we switched and Tuesday started carrying her in the carrier…She just looked so cute all snuggled up….