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Okay..I just found a totally cool blog…or should I say…it found me…..Edie’s Fashion Factory.  She did a great post today about dying Ugg boots with Rit dye…and used my blog post!!  How cool is that!  The blog is all about Rit Dye and has “fun tutorials, technical tips and tons of colorful explorations.”  It is a fun site to click around and find inspirations!

Dying Uggs with Rit Dye…..

So, I found a pair of  Uggs for River at the local thrift shop…for $9.99.  They were quite dirty looking…..and the exact same color as her other pair that I had found at the thrift shop.  So, I decided to dye them bright pink…using Rit dye.  I found this article on ehow about how to dye Ugg boots.   So, we decided to go for it.  The only pink our local shop had was fuchsia……so, that is the color we went with.

First, we filled up a giant bucket with hot water…then we added the dye..and stirred it all up.   Then, we threw in the boots…and stirred and stirred….but they kept floating..so we had to smoosh them and smoosh them and they kept floating.  So, I took a big rock and put it on top of them!

Then I remembered the one step that we forgot….we were supposed to soak the Uggs in regular water first, to get them water-logged…..that would have made things so much easier…because when they were finally water-logged..they floated perfectly…..soles up!!

So, the next time…we’ll make sure we remember to soak the Uggs in regular water first!

We let them soak for 30 minutes..but didn’t think they were dark enough..so we waited another 30 minutes.  When we took them out they looked very pink!

It only took them about 3 sunny days to dry!  I thought it would take much longer for them to get thoroughly dry…especially the fluffy insides.

Well, I think they look great..and River likes them too!  Now, we are going to dye her other pair purple!


I’ve spent this past week taking all of Tuesday’s old clothes, that don’t fit her any longer and upcycling them into clothes for River.  I found this adorable pattern at MADE.  Dana’s blog is incredible!  It is filled with all kinds of great things…I especially love her patterns…and this one was free!  It turned out so cute.  I made it from an old tshirt.

The image on it is from Geninne’s Art Blog…..awhile back she had a free image download and I have been wanting to use it on something.  I thought this seemed the perfect thing!  The image is simply elegant!

The next dress I made was also from an old tshirt…I found the idea for this design at Happy Together….I loved the little flowers and they were so simple to make!

This dress was also easy and quick to make….and River loves it (please ignore the cracker goo on River’s face)!

I love taking something and creating it into something else!  I also liked the ruffles idea from the Happy Together site and used them for the shirt….(this shirt was originally going to be a dress..but it ended up being too short).  This shirt was mailed to me from an organization and I knew I would never wear it.  It had a large logo on the left hand corner, so I had to cut that out.  I made the sleeves a little puffy to add some feminine detail!  What things have you upcycled recently?

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