Birthday gift for Gram…..

We came up with a great gift idea for my mother-in-law, who is blind.  My husband took profile shots of all the kids and then printed them out and cut out the profile.  He didn’t make the to size..he made them slightly smaller.

We were going to use some nice thin wood, but then he found some really great pieces of compressed wood in our basement.  It was much better than natural wood because it didn’t splinter at all and it didn’t have to be sanded.

He used our scroll saw to cut out the shapes.  They turned out great!  The kids loved giving them as gifts and, most of all, Gram loved them!  She was able to feel each one and knew just who they were!

Gifts for Gram…..

River’s grandmother is blind, so we are always trying to come up with neat little gifts to make that are appropriate.  Whenever River draws a picture for Gram, I go over it with glue or puffy paint.  Sometimes she just draws directly with either one.  Sometimes she glues buttons, pom poms and other objects onto paper.  Today, Gram is in the hospital, so River wanted to do something extra special.  We gave it some thought and came up with the idea of a little stuffed animal.

River decided she wanted to make a bunny stuffed animal.  So, she drew the design on a piece of paper.  Then I cut it out.

Then River picked out some felt and we cut that out together.

Then River picked out some button eyes and helped sew them on!  When she realized that she was actually doing it, she got so excited!

River picked out some fringe that she wanted to add as hair and then she helped cut out some ear shapes.

Because we like to get as many senses as possible involved in the project, River thought it would be fun to add some “crinkle” stuff to the inside.  So we searched around for something that crinkled and found an old plastic table cloth that I had saved as a drop cloth.  We cut it into some small pieces and River stuffed it in.

Then, she closed her eyes to see how the stuffed bunny would “feel” to Gram.  She decided that is had lots of great “stuff” to feel…so we called it done!  She was so proud of what she had made..and she couldn’t wait to give it to her Gram…and her Gram loved it!

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