This is Norberta.  She is one of our cats.  She is fat.

When we got her….my husband was reading one of the Harry Potter books with our children.  We thought the cat was a boy cat and named her after Norbert in the Harry Potter story.   Then we took her/him to the vet and found out he was a she.  That night they read the chapter in the book where they find out Norbert is also a girl!  It was a strange and funny coincidence.  Now her name is Norberta also.

Squirrels and cats and peanuts….. of my favorite things to do is feed the squirrels…I just love the little guys.   They are just so cute.  And even better than watching watching our cats try to get them!  Our cats are indoor cats…so they don’t get much excitement….and I think the squirrels know this…because they are constantly teasing our cats.  It is quite hilarious to watch.

And speaking of is a little story….my dad also likes to feed the squirrels.  He likes to feed them peanuts.   About a year ago my brother was moving some furniture at my dad’s house…and behind the one sofa he found a small pile of peanuts.  We all thought it was funny that a mouse must have been stealing the peanuts from the bag and eating them behind the sofa.  Since that time my dad has stopped feeding the squirrels peanuts.  He hasn’t bought any peanuts for an entire year.  Jump forward to this past weekend.  We went to visit my dad and he told us that he found one whole peanut on his fireplace..just sitting peanut.  Then he told us that the next day he found half of a peanut shell in the middle of the floor….I instantly thought of that small pile of peanuts behind the sofa and I immediately had to go look behind the sofa…there was nothing there.   Then my dad suggested that I look behind the OTHER sofa……so I did…and…..ummmm……this is what we found…………..

Hundreds and hundreds of peanut shells!  It was unbelievable…..not a peanut to be seen..just shells…..I had never seen anything like that before…..

A boy and his cat….

Where Quinn goes, the cat goes.  If Quinn isn’t home, the cat isn’t happy.  When Quinn sits, the cat sits…and purrs.  I have never seen a cat love someone so much.

When Quinn leaves for school, Shadow Monster (name given to him by Quinn) goes running behind him….not wanting him to leave.

Shadow Monster doesn’t love anyone else in the house as much as Quinn….in fact, I don’t think Shadow Monster loves anyone else!

Sometimes Quinn goes into his room…and forgets about Shadow Monster….that makes the cat very unhappy.  He sits outside his door….waiting…..

We got Shadow Monster when he was a little abandoned kitty….we also have two of his siblings….