Getting ready for Halloween…..

So..things are getting a little spooky around here……every year we make ghosts.  So, of course, River wanted to make ghosts.  What a surprise!  Nothing cuter than a child deeply involved in their project!  Of course, after making the ghosts…we had to do a little photo shoot involving all the ghosts.

Then we had to hang the ghosts..along with all the cobwebs…


Finished reading nook…..

Awhile ago, I posted photos of my latest mural being finished…but the area wasn’t completely finished…..I still had to make new seat cushions.  I wasn’t sure which fabric I wanted to use…so it took me awhile to decide.  I needed a fabric that could take a beating…..3 children, 2 dogs and 5 cats!  I decided to go with a thick corduroy in green.  I love the color and I think it goes well with all the other crazy colors in our living room!

Yesterday I finally got around to sewing up the covers!  The kids instantly loved them and wanted to sit in the “nook” and read and rest!  Now, I just need to make some pillow covers!  Maybe next week……

Small transformations…..

River had her old crib still in her room….I had changed it into a day bed….it was mostly a stuffed animal bed!  I had been contemplating taking it down for awhile. …but couldn’t figure out if I wanted to or not….then I saw that ALL Simplicity cribs had been recalled, all makes and all models….and we had a Simplicity crib….it said that all cribs should be returned to the store where you purchased it… that made the decision easy for me!  She loves dress up and we needed a place to put all her dress up stuff….so we dragged an old chest out of the basement…..

And of course it needed a coat of paint!  And of course River had to help paint it!

Which of course, made things a bit more interesting…she wanted it painted then and there…and was very upset we didn’t have any pink paint…she had to settle for baby blue.  I promised her that during the summer we would paint a beautiful pink design over the baby blue…..

By today, the chest was dry…so we took down the crib and moved in the chest….of course, we had to rearrange a few other things…and read some books in between and play with Barbies here and there…and get out all the stuffed animals….vacuum out the cobwebs……you know how it is…..

But finally things were all back together…and River seemed pretty happy with her room…..