Blueberry picking….

We went blueberry picking with my niece and brother.  It was a gorgeous day and there were so many blueberries!  It was a great day.  Tuesday and Quinn stayed home to catch up on sleep.  It was an adventure to bring two ten month old babies along..but we managed.  All the blueberries were gone by the next day!  I think I need to go and pick some more!  Happy Friday!

Through River’s eyes….

River always wants to take photos with my phone or camera.  I love looking at children’s photography.  It is almost as good as their artwork!  Seeing the world from their perspective.  If you’ve never let your child use your it today.  You won’t be sorry.  Here are some of her photos.  Enjoy….




Camera apps……

Tuesday has introduced me to the world of camera apps on my phone.  I have been having so much fun playing around with them.  The photo above I stole from Tuesday.  I love it.  She showed me a site called   You can upload your photos, add filters and share them with others.  I also found a site called  Some of the photos I take with my phone and others I take with my camera.  It really is incredible how many neat things there are on the internet to enhance our photography.


Photography by River…..

River loves to take my one camera….which is dying….and take photographs.   I love seeing photos from her perspective.  Most of them I end up deleting…but every now and then….she captures a moment so wonderfully.  I love this self portrait she did while we were driving in the car.

And this was one she took on my birthday.  She also took this one of Quinn and I…..and I find it fascinating that she captured our hands, instead of our faces..which whether or not it was done on purpose..I love!


The other day, I drove Tuesday to her violin lesson.  Before we left, River had spent a lot of time dressing herself for the adventure….whenever it is a nice day out…there is lots of space for running around at the violin place.

River looked so cute..I wished I had brought my camera.  Well, after we arrived home…Tuesday had sent me a bunch of photos that she had taken with her itouch!  So, it was perfect…thank goodness for the itouch….

Embrace the Camera…My Facebook Profile Photo Obsession…..

For this week’s Embrace the Camera…I’m going to talk about my obsession with my Facebook profile picture.  Every month I spend hours getting a new picture just right……I am addicted to my theme….I always take the same picture…my right eye with some type of object.

I refuse to use any other type of picture for my profile picture…..all month I think about what object might be just right to use for my next photo.

It is a fun little way to express myself.   I think it is interesting how people choose to represent themselves through their Facebook profile picture.  Some people seem to take a lot of time thinking about their photos, some people seem to not care what their photo is….some people change their photo constantly, while others never change it.  I change my photo every month…I try to do it on the first…but it doesn’t always work out that way.  What about you… you change your Facebook profile photo often?  Do you spend a lot of time thinking about your Facebook profile photo?  Do you even use Facebook?

Making Christmas cards…another tradition….

So, another Christmas tradition, in our family, is making our own cards.  We love to think and think about what we will do for that year.  The card usually involves some type of photo of the children…..though one year we had them draw the card.

It doesn’t always go as planned or as smoothly as I had hoped…..but in the end, we always love them.  I usually work with the photo in Photoshop and print them out using Publisher.  Sometimes we get them printed at a print shop, but most times I print them out at home using cardstock.

After doing the upside down chin photos earlier this month for my blog, my daughter Tuesday, decided those would be perfect for our Christmas card.

For quite a few years now, we wanted to do a twist on the family Christmas letter….. and then finally we thought of MadLibs.  So, this year, we decided to combine the two ideas…and we made up a Christmas family letter in MadLib form.  It was  a lot of fun coming up with the letter…but it was hard to put it into the right format, so it looked just like the real MadLibs.

In the end, I think our Christmas cards reflected who we are as a family…..pretty goofy!

Morning Photos…..

I love taking photos of my children when they first wake up……it is one of my favorite times to photograph River.  Especially if I get her to tell me a story about one of her dreams…..the expressions that I capture are priceless….especially because her stories go on and on and is a great way to get her to not make goofy expressions the whole time I’m taking pictures..which is what she does anymore..when I take out the camera… here are a few good shots that I got the other morning…….

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Embrace the Camera….photos with my dad….

It is Embrace the Camera time and this week I was prepared….I thought ahead of time who I wanted to take a photo with….and I thought of my dad….

Since my mom passed away 1 1/2 years ago…. I have wished that I had more photos of her with me and my children……

I haven’t taken a lot of photos of my dad..and I don’t think I have any of him with just me…and my daughter River….I was so excited to set the camera up and try to get some shots….but my camera wasn’t cooperating…..I took some, but when I got home I realized they were blurry (I had the camera accidentally focus on the wall..instead of on us)…but I’m posting them anyway….though I’ve told myself I the near future….take more photos with him..and this time have all three of my children in the photo!

This post was inspired by Emily and her blog, 3 Boys and a Little Lady……..