Making cloth diapers….the inexpensive way…….

When I became pregnant with my twins last year, I realized I needed to get some inexpensive cloth diapers.  Then, I thought, why not make them myself.  Though I have a lot of sewing experience, I think making your own diapers doesn’t have to be daunting!  I wanted to make a total of 40 diapers.

First, I needed to find a pattern and style of diaper.  There are many patterns out there, some are free, some are a few dollars.  Here are some of the sites I found helpful:

This site offers all kinds of diaper making supplies:

This site has kits that INCLUDE everything  you need to sew your own diapers!  How cool is that!  You don’t have to do any of the prep work!

I wanted to make my diapers as inexpensively as possible, so I opted for a free pattern.  I found it here at cloth revolution.  Their directions were a bit confusing, so I used a combination of some of the other sites to figure things out.

Once I had figured out the type of diaper I wanted to use and I found a pattern…then I had to decide on my material.  Again, since I wanted to spend hardly any money, I went to my local Goodwill store and I found lots of inexpensive flannel sheets.  I spent approximately forty dollars on the flannel sheets.  I decided this is what I would use to make my diapers!

I also decided that I would make my diapers with four layers, and use a liner.  I figured that way they weren’t too thick and would dry quicker.  For my liners, I went to my local dollar store and bought wash clothes.  They were two for a dollar, so for forty dollars, I got eighty liners.   Each diaper change, I use two liners.

I had to decide between Velcro or snaps.  I had never made diapers before, so I decided not to make the investment of buying a snap press.  Though I have been told this is the best one to get:

So next, I needed elastic and Velcro.  The patterns tell you how much Velcro and elastic you will need.  I went online to do some price comparisons.  I figured out that I could get the elastic cheaper by going to my local sewing shop with a 50% off coupon.   The Velcro I found here:

For the Velcro, you need a lot more of the loop than you do the hook, so buying it separate is best.  If I made the diapers again, I would not use this type of Velcro because it started to curl.  I think instead I would buy it from another site.  For the Velcro, I spent about thirty dollars.  For the elastic, I spent around fifteen.

I cut out all the diapers first.  Since I was making forty diapers and they each had four layers, that was a lot of cutting!  Then I was ready to get started on the sewing.  The first diaper took me a long time.  I got confused and had to redo some things, but I looked at the different sites and figured things out. I loved how it looked and I was quite proud of myself.  I did the diapers in an assembly line routine…first all the edge sewing, then all the elastic, then all the inside out flipping, then the closing sewing, then the Velcro.  It probably took me about a week to make forty diapers!

All in all, it cost me approximately $125 for forty diapers…that’s about $3 per diaper.  They aren’t perfect..but they work and I did it myself!

I would be more than happy to answer any questions you had about making your own cloth diapers.  It really was a fun experience!!

This is it…..

Okay..this is it… last day of being pregnant!  Tomorrow I am going to be induced and hopefully have a “natural” birth…if you can have a natural birth after being induced.   I am nervous and excited….all at the same time.  I have been keeping myself so busy that I haven’t given tomorrow much thought.  I was having contractions all day yesterday…but I’m feeling much better today!  And I finished ALL 60 DIAPERS!!  I am so excited that I was able to finish them all!!

Today, I want to finish up a few more things..and then relax….just enjoy the last moments of being pregnant..maybe take some video and some photos…of my giant belly!!

Have a great weekend………I know I will………

Diapers…..and to the finish line…..

I’m got 60 diapers to finish in four days!  I’m 37 weeks and things are nearing the end at this point.  I’m getting a bit nervous, but trying to stay focused.  I’ve never been induced before, so it is a little strange knowing the exact date that I’ll be going into labor.  I think it is a good thing that I have all these diapers to keep me busy!!

Cloth Diapers…..

This time around I decided to make my own diapers…..and of course, I should have started making them a long time ago!  I had never made a diaper before, so it took me awhile to decide on a pattern and style.  I used the pattern and a lot of the information from the Cloth Revolution Diaper Pattern.  But I felt I needed a little more detail on the actual sewing, so I found some different instructions at Dianna’s Journal.  I wanted to make the diapers as cheaply as possibly, so I’ve been using mostly old t shirts and old flannel sheets.

There are so many different type of cloth diapers out was hard to make a decision about what style to make, what materials to use, whether or not to use snaps or velcro… becomes mind boggling.  I decided to make the newborn size and I hope they fit nicely and that they will fit for awhile!!

So far, I have finished 16 diapers…..I’ve got a lot more to make!!

Handmade pull-ups…….

River is completely toilet trained, therefore she wears underwear during the day..but at night she needs something a little more….so I’m trying to perfect my overnight underwear…so far, I’ve made two pairs.  One is a bit too small and this pair is a bit too big…I need to find the in-between.  The important thing is that she loves them and is excited to wear them!

Green Mama Benefit Auction…..

Don’t forget, starting April 22, earth day, the Cloth Diaper Foundation is having a Green Mama Benefit Auction.  All proceeds from the auction will benefit the Cloth Diaper Foundation and all their wonderful efforts.  There is going to be a lot of incredible stuff…so please go and check it out….and of course there will be a slot for a custom woolie made by myself, Catchick6 Creations…so go check it out….at this link.  Of course, you can bid on my custom woolie or anything else…there are so many wonderful things and it is such a great organization!

Cloth Diaper Foundation….


I just found out about a wonderful organization, The Cloth Diaper Foundation. They are a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping qualifying families all over the United States get a jump start on cloth diapering.  As Miracle Diapers has grown so has the number of families they assist. In 2009, they helped over 450 babies directly, more than 100 babies through sponsorship and local distribution, and assisted other charities with the same mission as well!

Miracle Diapers was founded in Oregon in January of 2005 to fill a need. There were many families who wanted to cloth diaper their children for health, economical, and environmental reasons but could not due to financial restrictions. Due to the overwhelming response, Miracle Diapers decided to open two more chapters by the end of that year.   The families receive free cloth diapers and only have to pay for the shipping costs.  When they are finished with the diapers, they return them and they can then be used by another family.

Their goal is to someday have chapters all over the US and internationally. Through this they hope to not only be able to serve thousands of families in need, but to be able to educate the public on cloth diapers, therefore helping cloth become more mainstream.

I have always thought this would be a great idea and I am so happy that I found a group that has started this type of process.

They accept donations of gently used cloth diapers and diaper covers and of course, money.  Right now they are getting ready for their Green Mama Benefit Auction.    It is a fundraiser on Hyena Cart, set to begin on April 22nd—Earth Day.  I can’t wait to see all the great things that will be for sale during the auction.  Of course, I had to donate one of my custom woolies!

Go check them out!