Life with twins….

Now that I have twins, it seems that everywhere I go, there are twins.  So many people seem to have twins.  Yet raising twins seems such a daunting task..I often wonder how so many people have survived!  Every day I feel like I am running a marathon…..yet, at the end..there is no rest period.  You just get up and do it all over again.  I’ve never felt so many different emotions within a 24 hour period.  It has been the best experience and the worst experience.  I’ve learned so much and regretted so much.  I want to cherish every moment and I’m afraid to miss a moment.  I want to hug them every second, yet sometimes I just want to get away for hours.

Every day brings new challenges and new insights.  I’ve learned to be patient and yet, my patience is wearing thin.  Whenever I am out and about, so many people say…”how do you do it?”  I think that is a funny question…you just do what you have to do…sometimes without really thinking about it and other times, it is all I think about!

The first seven months just flew by and yet it the time seemed to last forever.  My life has become a bunch of contradictions…it seems crazy, yet normal…all at the same time.  I want to savor each and every day….yet, I just want to sleep.

I want to give them every minute of my day, yet I want to make sure I give just as much of myself to my other children.  It is all so daunting, yet so simple.  These little creatures have already taught me so much.

These moments are precious and I will treasure them….after I get a nap!


Yesterday, when I went into the bathroom to put a new box of tissues in there..this is what I found….a lone male “Barbie” leg…not sure what you call a male Barbie-equivalent…..I guess a Ken leg…..anyway….not only was it a boy leg..but it was missing the rest of its body…and it was covered in fuzz…so it looks hairy…it was a slightly sticky leg covered in fuzz….and I also noticed a bit of glitter……living in the tissue box….not sure how long it had been there…or who did it…though, I have a feeling it was a four year old who lives in the house…..I have a feeling we may be having an operation later today….


My latest obsession…is oranges…..I have been craving them.  When I wake up..I instantly eat two oranges.  And then, in the afternoon…I eat two more….They always smell so good when you first slice them open..and they look so pretty on the plate.

Have any obsessions lately?  Happy Monday….

Photo contest…..sort of……

I always like to enter a good contest..though I don’t do it very often.  I like it if I have a chance to win.   There is a company called HerRoom and they are having a photo contest.  You had to take a picture of  your lingerie drawer to try to win a lingerie “makeover.”  Well, who wants to take a picture of their underwear drawer and enter it on a site’s Facebook page for all to see???  Not me…but hey, for a chance to win $400 worth of lingerie…why not??  Plus, they say to be creative and funny…which no one ever is……so that is when I think I have a chance to win!  So, here is my creative photo of my underwear drawer.  I decided to invite some Barbies and Kens into my drawer and have some fun!  I hope I win!!

Squirrels and cats and peanuts….. of my favorite things to do is feed the squirrels…I just love the little guys.   They are just so cute.  And even better than watching watching our cats try to get them!  Our cats are indoor cats…so they don’t get much excitement….and I think the squirrels know this…because they are constantly teasing our cats.  It is quite hilarious to watch.

And speaking of is a little story….my dad also likes to feed the squirrels.  He likes to feed them peanuts.   About a year ago my brother was moving some furniture at my dad’s house…and behind the one sofa he found a small pile of peanuts.  We all thought it was funny that a mouse must have been stealing the peanuts from the bag and eating them behind the sofa.  Since that time my dad has stopped feeding the squirrels peanuts.  He hasn’t bought any peanuts for an entire year.  Jump forward to this past weekend.  We went to visit my dad and he told us that he found one whole peanut on his fireplace..just sitting peanut.  Then he told us that the next day he found half of a peanut shell in the middle of the floor….I instantly thought of that small pile of peanuts behind the sofa and I immediately had to go look behind the sofa…there was nothing there.   Then my dad suggested that I look behind the OTHER sofa……so I did…and…..ummmm……this is what we found…………..

Hundreds and hundreds of peanut shells!  It was unbelievable…..not a peanut to be seen..just shells…..I had never seen anything like that before…..

Free Tofurky….

I am so excited….whenever there is a holiday…my local grocery food store lets you accumulate points and then you earn a free turkey, ham or some type of meat product…….I am never very excited about earning the points because we are vegetarian.  Well….today…when I looked at my receipt and saw that I earned enough points….one of the options was a free Tofurky!  I couldn’t believe it…our store has never carried Tofurky….but they just remodeled and they now carry them.  We have never tried Tofurky..but have always been curious..I can’t wait to eat it!    We won’t be cooking on Thanksgiving, so I think I may have to cook this over the weekend…I will have to write about how it is…it even comes with a free vegetarian wishbone!

Share the Love week…..

So, this week, I am involved in a really cool thing over at 3 boys and a Little lady……Emily and her family are in the process of adopting a little girl from Africa…..a little girl named elisabeth.   They are trying to raise money for the adoption…so Emily is having  a give-away….to raise donations…….you must go check it out!  I donated an item to the All Boy bundle (a custom woolie!!)…so I’m a bit partial to that one..but feel free to go over and browse all the bundles and donate for the giveaway!!  And while you’re over there…take a look at her incredible blog!!