One Year Photos….

Well, Tuesday and I finally had time to take some photos for the babies one year birthday!!  It didn’t go perfectly…but, then again..does anything!  I am just happy that it was a nice day and we were able to get out and get some cute photos!  I love how in some of the photos their expressions look so similar.  By the end, Escher was not happy.  Neither was River.  River thought the photo shoot should have been just for her and she did NOT want to share the spotlight.  I told her that we could take some photos of her, for a school project..but she did not want to cooperate.  But, we managed to get quite a few cute photos….One of the problems was that we didn’t have shoes for the babies.  And though, I love them without shoes…they did NOT like touching the grass!!  So…next stop…shoe store!!

One Year Old……

I can’t believe it…my little babies are one year old!!  It seems like just yesterday Hurricane Irene was here..and the little guys were born. The first thing the nurse said to me was……”Twins!  Welcome to your year of hell!”  I was a bit shocked by that statement and it scared me a bit.  I must say it hasn’t been an easy year…but it has been far from hell!  I love these little guys so much and I can’t imagine our family without them!!  They still don’t sleep through the night..but I love and cherish every second with them.  They both have started walking. They love to pet the cats and dogs.  They’ve got top and bottom teeth.  They wave bye bye.  Grey loves to sit on anything that will support her weight.  Escher loves to dance and groove to the music. The both love free naked time.

And Tuesday, Quinn and River love them so much.  They still fight about who gets to spend time with them. They all have been such a big help with the babies.  I can’t imagine having twins without the support of the older ones.

It certainly has been a challenging year..full of changes, transitions, tears, grumpiness, laughter, lots of laughter…..and there is still so much more to come….


January begins……

So, January has begun and it is already the 17th!! How does time go by so quickly.  We had our first snowfall..which lasted for about 2 hours.  By the time we were able to make it had practically all melted…so sad!!  And we’ve had no snow since. I love snow and I want snow…  Winter without snow, just isn’t winter.

Also, Quinn’s birthday came and went.  He is 12 years old…I can’t believe my children are growing so quickly.  I am so proud of him.  He is such a considerate and passionate person…..just an awesome human being!!  Quinn wanted a pie for his Tuesday made it for him.

Banana Cream Pie…a tradition….

Last week was my husband, Christopher’s birthday….so it was banana cream pie time….a birthday tradition.  I only make this recipe once a year.   Tuesday and River had great fun helping me make it.

There are a lot of components to the dish and they helped do most of the work…from the cutting to the assembling.

It is always more fun when you have help in the kitchen!

I think Tuesday’s favorite part is the eating of the pie… is only good for a few it has to be eaten quickly, which Tuesday doesn’t mind!


So, yesterday was my 44th birthday……it was a wonderful day……filled with good food and awesome gifts……and spending time with family.

And it was also the day I decided to announce that I am pregnant….with twins……I’m now 14 weeks along and feeling better and better each day.  It’s been a long 3 months…..filled with lots of morning sickness and sleepiness…but the excitement and joy makes it all worth it.   Twins do not run in our family…as far as I know.  According to the doctors..the older you are and the more pregnancies you’ve had..the greater your chance of having twins!  This was the first picture I got of the little guys…when they were only 7 weeks old..they are much bigger is my stomach!

I was incredibly surprised when the doctor said there were twins…but I was more overjoyed that their little hearts were beating and they were healthy!

Turning Forty-Three….


I recently celebrated my forty-third birthday…..forty-three…I just had to type that again.  How time flies…as they say…

Well, it was my first birthday without my mother.  And I knew it would be a bit emotional to not see or hear from my her.  It made me want to go and find some photos of my mom when she was my age.  I didn’t find a lot…as most moms…we are usually the ones BEHIND the camera, not in front of it….after about an hour long search, I found two photos.  One is of my mom, one of my brothers and me on my fourth birthday.  The other one is from Easter of that same year, also with my mom and some of my brothers.


In both photos, I’m wearing dresses that my grandmother made for me.  I loved that purple dress.  It was one of my favorites.  She also made my Barbie a matching one.  My mom didn’t change much year to year….she looks almost identical in this picture as the day she died…..



This weekend was my birthday….and Tuesday and Quinn were secretly making gifts all day Sunday….Quinn loves making little animals and people out of rocks…so I got a personalized rock person..yes, that’s me…..I know..I’m looking old….


Tuesday had fun making me “11 things I wish I could give you….and 1 thing that I CAN give you!”  I always love their creative gifts…makes me smile!  And once again, I wasn’t able to blow out all the candles!…but I still think I’ll get my wish!