Rolypig Composter continued……


Well, it took a total of four days for the squirrels to attack and win against the Rolypig composter!  This morning I saw a squirrel with a giant piece of avocado skin and I knew it could only have come from one place!  I thought this thing would have been a lot more durable!  I mean it is a composter…made to be outside…made to have rubbish in it…..knowing that the squirrels will be out there….waiting!  Now we need to come up with some type of a patch!


Rolypig Composter….



Well, this weekend we did a little bit of Spring cleaning in the backyard and moved the Rolypig composter into his new home. River was very concerned that we hadn’t “fed” him yet.  Well, she finally got a chance to give him some “food”.   I have never composted before…so I am not sure what is best…..what you should compost and what you shouldn’t compost.  And I’m sure different composters work differently.  I read that in about 2-3 weeks the first chamber will be filled and we can begin the turning.  Then each week, we turn him one “flat”….and in 12 weeks..we will have some compost out his bottom.


Alright..I told you this post contained disturbing photos!  And that is disturbing……I think shredded waste is ideal…but sometimes you just don’t feel like shredding your waste.


River was sure there must be something in his bottom already…she just didn’t want to wait 12 weeks!  I will keep you posted on our adventures with the Rolypig!

What is it……


Okay, let’s just say we “inherited” this thing…..this large pink…yes, pig!  But what is it…you ask???  Well, it is a composter, of course!  We’ve always wanted a composter….but we’ve never actually gotten one.  So, now we have one…and now we have no excuses…we MUST start composting.

The food goes in this BIG guys snout and in 12 weeks…after lots of comes…….out…the other end…….I’ll have to keep you posted on all the composting fun!

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