Lately, River’s craft projects have been LARGE….and they keep getting larger!  She enjoys working on a project for many days..which I really like.

I’m not sure where we are going to hang all these “masters of art”…as she refers to them….but we’ll find a space.  Her latest master piece took about a week to complete!  And she did it all on her own…..

It seems like each project must include all “mediums”……tape, glue, glitter, pom poms, stickers, drawing, painting, etc……  I guess that is only logical when you are four!

Butterfly Wall….

So, we got inspired to make a butterfly wall after seeing Dana’s post about her butterfly wall on her blog, Made.

Everyone had a great time making butterflies.  We almost couldn’t fit them all on the spot I chose.

Next year, we will have to choose a bigger area for all the butterflies.

Some butterflies were made from paper.  Some were made from clay.  Some were made from pipe cleaners.  Some were made from newspaper.    Some had stickers, others had pom poms…..there was everything!!

And now that area looks awesome…some have even tried to fly away!

Making a doll…..

So, today, River watched a TV show and on the show, they made a doll…so she decided we had to make a doll.  She drew the doll and then cut it out.  She picked out material and we made the face on the embroidery machine.

Then we had to sew everything together and stuff it….and pick out hair.  I think she likes the finished product.   She hasn’t decided on a name yet….I’m sure she’ll think of many……..

I think it is going to be a craft day…..

River got some new craft items and I think she is going to spend the day coloring, markering, stickering, glueing, scissoring, taping, painting and all that other good stuff.

Her latest obsession is butterflies..for our butterfly wall..which I’ll have to write about in another  post…we are all about butterflies and Spring!

And speaking of butterflies and was so nice to see the sun coming in through the kitchen window..warming up the tomatoes..maybe Spring has arrived…..

Paper Mache Dragon craft project…..

When Tuesday and Quinn were about River’s age, they took an art class.  One of the projects they made was a dragon.  They turned out so cute and we still have them… River decided she wanted to make one.

The first thing you need to do is get some supplies together. You need two toilet paper rolls or one paper towel roll, 3 small paper cups, some newspaper, a cardboard egg carton and brown masking tape.  First, if you are using toilet paper rolls, you need to tape them together.  Then, cut off a section of the egg carton and tape it to the toilet paper rolls.

Next, you need to tape two of the small paper cups to the bottom portion of the dragon.  These will be the legs, so make sure that they are level, so the dragon can stand.  One of the paper cups, you have to cut a mouth out and tape that to the front part of the dragon.  Don’t be afraid to use lots of tape to secure it well.

Now you are ready for the tail.  Just grab a bit of newspaper….make it into a tail shape….shove it into the other end of the toilet paper rolls and then tape it all together!  Congratulations, you’ve finished the first part!

Now for the beginning of the messy stuff…paper mache!  There are a lot of different paper mache recipes out there..but I keep it simple..just flour and a little bit of water..mix until it is a thick paste.  Get some newspaper strips and you are ready to go!

Your little one may need help covering the whole dragon.  But I know they’ll have fun with this part!  Cover the whole dragon with strips of paper dipped in the paper mache.

Then wait til it dries.  After it dries….about 24 are ready to paint your dragon.  Grab whatever paints you like to use…I like acrylic….and let your little one paint away!

When the paint dries…..your dragon is ready for its final touches……whatever your little one would like to add..buttons, ribbons, feathers, glitter, googly eyes…whatever is in your craft cabinet!  Let it dry and enjoy!  Oh, and don’t forget a little tissue paper in the mouth…for the fire!

Harry Potter boxes..

About four years ago, for Easter, my husband and I made Tuesday and Quinn Harry Potter boxes.  They used to play a Harry Potter  card game that involved a lot of cards…and they needed somewhere to keep their sorted cards.

We couldn’t find anything that was exactly what we my husband came up with a design to make our own boxes.  He did all the wood work…I just did the dremeling and painting.   First, I dremeled out the design and then I painted the boxes using acrylic paint.

Then they got a coat of polyurethane to protect the paint.  I love how they turned out and the kids loved them.  Though they don’t play the card game anymore….they are still nice boxes…..

Robot costume deja vu……

This year, River decided she wanted to be a robot…a pink robot… took awhile..but today..we finally got started on making her costume…better late than never!  This time around, I knew what I was doing..since I made Quinn a robot costume two years ago!  First, I had to find two boxes that would fit her body…..

Then we had to figure out all the holes…eyes, mouth, arms, head…..etc.  Then I had to tape everything..and we had to start decorating!  Finally, everything was ready….and the glue was dry!

It was time to spray paint!  It is always fun seeing all the elements coming together…the spray paint brings it all together!  Right looks like a giant lego….