Post Thanksgiving….

I started out with great intentions…of taking a million photos of Thanksgiving and filling my blog with them…but then life took over and I forget to take any pictures.  But I did take one picture first thing in the morning, when I started cooking.  Since we are vegetarian, we have vegetable pot pie on our house…that is our tradition.  We did have a great long weekend and enjoyed hikes and the wonderful weather, family and friends!

Toilet training is going great!  River is earning many stickers and fun prizes!  Before long…she may be a big kid

soon..though she keeps saying she isn’t sure if she wants to be a big kid.








Teeny Tiny Things…..

Toilet training is going pretty well.  I have to use a lot of bribery.  Candy, books, stickers..anything it takes…okay, well, not anything.  River got her first real prize..she picked a little green monkey out of the treasure chest.  She carried that little monkey around all day.  Then she decided that the little monkey was her new little baby.  And then she decided the little green monkey baby needed a friend.  So she was carrying around two “babies”.  Suddenly her babies were cold and they just had to have little scarves.  Well, that was easy enough.  But they were still cold….now they needed hats.  Alright, that took a bit more work…But then her babies were still cold and they needed sweater coats.  Well, that took a bit more time and energy…but now her babies are nice and warm…except their hats keep falling off!

I just hope she doesn’t think I’m doing this for the other 11 monkeys that are in the treasure chest!


Toilet Training for dummies….. today is the first “Official” day of toilet training..whatever that means!  It has been about 7 years since I’ve toilet trained.  Needless to say, I forget everything!  About a month ago we went out and bought potty seats and training pants and River was very excited!  She even peed on the potty once!  But then, she decided she didn’t want to be a big kid and refused to even go near them.  So, I put them away and decided to give it a break.

Then we decided it was time again.  She is almost three!  So, I had her help me “select” prizes from Oriental Trading and waited anxiously each day for them to arrive.  When they finally arrived, we made a treasure chest and filled it with the prizes.

And today was the first day….well, she decided she was scared of the potty seat and didn’t want to go near it.  After a bit of coaxing and bribery, she finally made it on the potty.  (I had to promise to read her 10 books while she sat on the potty!)  She got a sticker and prize just for sitting on the seat.  She was so excited!  But now she has to actually pee in the potty to get her next sticker.  There has been no pee in the potty, but we are making progress.  I set the timer and each hour we give it a try….(always with me reading her about 5-10 books..but hey, it’s worth it..who wouldn’t want to sit on the potty if someone promised to read you books?!)