Halloween…sort of….

Well..it is Halloween…well, sort of….but there are no costumes, no school, no trick or treating…..everything has been postponed until Friday.  Hurricane Sandy has come and gone.  We were lucky….we had no damage in our area.  We never lost our electricity and we barely had any branches fall down.  A lot of New Jersey wasn’t so lucky.  So much flooding and devastation around the state….really scary stuff.  Half of our town is still without electricity..so they had to close the schools for another day.

It is very strange….being Halloween…yet…not Halloween.

Getting ready for Halloween…..

So..things are getting a little spooky around here……every year we make ghosts.  So, of course, River wanted to make ghosts.  What a surprise!  Nothing cuter than a child deeply involved in their project!  Of course, after making the ghosts…we had to do a little photo shoot involving all the ghosts.

Then we had to hang the ghosts..along with all the cobwebs…


Embrace the Camera…Halloween

So, every Halloween we go pick pumpkins.  But this Halloween, it never happened.  Sadly, the night before Halloween we went to the grocery food store and picked pumpkins!  But there were no plain pumpkins left..only pumpkins that were painted!  Tuesday insisted that we take pictures as we picked out the pumpkins, since we weren’t going to the pumpkin patch!  Then, we had to go home and scrub the paint faces off of the pumpkins! Then, the pumpkin carving began…along with pretending to vomit up the pumpkin guts and pretending to throw it at each other…..(it was all pretend!)  Then Tuesday took my glasses and pretended to be a ghost while Quinn grabbed the camera and took a million photos!  It was a fun family night!


We had a wonderful Halloween.   Every year, the first place we trick or treat is my dad’s house.  Then we go next door to my in-laws house..then the real trick or treating can start!  Of course, I made River pose for many photos before she could start to trick or treat.  She wasn’t happy about this…….but finally she started doing some “fairy” poses….there was a large puddle of mud and I told her to be careful…but as she twirled…she got a little excited…and, of course, twirled into the mud and fell….after only going to two houses!!  But, she was a trooper, and continued on trick or treating!!

Tuxedo for a dog…..

Did I tell you that on Halloween we went trick or treating with a dog…..a dog named Duke.  And that he wore a tuxedo….a tuxedo that I sewed him!  I’ve never sewed a tuxedo before..let alone a bow tie and top hat!!  It was a lot of fun to sew Duke his costume..but the fittings weren’t too fun….we had to make a few last minute alterations….like stuffing his hat with newspaper and shortening the jacket sleeves…..

When it came time for the actual trick or treating…Duke was great…he kept his hat on the whole time!   The only thing was..he got more attention than my pink robot child!!  People were pushing her out of the way to get a look at the adorable dog!  One lady even said….”the pink robot is cute…but that dog is the cutest!”  Even when Duke stayed down at the end of the driveway…near the sidewalk…people came out of their houses…just to see the dog!  One guy even brought his dog out to meet Duke!!  Other trick or treaters were running across the street to check out the “adorable” dog!!

I’m not sure if we are asking Duke to go with us again next year…..

Halloween photo tradition…..

So every Halloween we take photos of ourselves imitating our pumpkin…well, that is the idea…..some years we forget and by the time we take the photos..the pumpkins are rotten…..Well, this year I remembered…but the squirrels had already eaten them a bit…..and…

I let River help me carry the pumpkins inside…from the front porch…and she was carrying her big pumpkin and we were saying..be careful…you don’t want to drop it…because it will splatter….and she very carefully…..made it to the dining room…and she very carefully placed it onto the table…and then…..very carefully let go of it……..and it very carefully…rolled off the table and splattered……but we “mended” it back together and all was good…..thank goodness….

The idea is to “look” like your pumpkin….but that doesn’t always work out……