What’s hot and what’s not…..



What’s Hot:

-Two of our new favorite books from the library..I may have to buy our own copies of these!…In a Blue Room by Jim Averbeck and illustrated by Tricia Tusa and One Ted Falls out of Bed by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Anna Currey.  I just love the stories and illustrations in each of these adorable books!

-Toilet training!  Things are going pretty well….some prizes have been earned and gotten from the treasure chest!

-Our avocado plant that we planted about 6 months ago is really starting to sprout..though I don’t think we’ll ever get any avocados from it!

-New pajamas pants!  I had a bunch of crazy material left over from different things and I’ve been making River lots of new pajamas pants..now everybody else in the family wants new comfy fuzzy pajama pants!!

-An organized shoe closet!  There is nothing better than organization..at least in my eyes!..okay, maybe a few things!

-My rabbit foot plant is finally looking a little bit more alive!

-The end of the Halloween candy!  only a few old dudes left!

-A new bed for my daughter Tuesday’s room…..

 What’s Not……

-The mess that is still in my daughter Tuesday’s room after putting together her new bed!

-The mess in our backyard from Fall leaves….

-The fact that I haven’t painted anything new on my Starry Night mural!  I must finish it by Christmas!

 I hope everyone has a great Wednesday and hops over to Loobylu to check out all the other blogs on What’s Hot and What’s Not Wednesday!

What’s hot and what’s not…..



What’s Hot:

-Bobbi’s Your Favorite Hummus….I used to love this stuff about 10 years ago..and then they either stopped making it or I just couldn’t find it..well, it is back!  And is so delicious!  The best hummus out there.

-Fresh rolls dipped in olive oil with spices.  We eat wayyyyy tooo much of this stuff!  Almost every night with our dinner.

-My new bag….Lucky brand slouchy patchwork mailbag….I love it!  Okay, I am not a huge pocketbook fan and I usually don’t buy leather….but I don’t think I have EVER bought a nice bag…and I saw this and told my husband that if he ever needed a gift suggestion for me….BUY ME THIS!!!  Well, guess what..he bought if for me..right there on the spot!!  I know it sounds materialistic….but it brings me a little bit of joy each time I use it…and it will last me a long time!!

-A quilt that my mother made…..it has these funny 50’s designs of children on it..I have been using it in River’s room.

-Thanks to My Mother…the current book I am reading.  I think I have read this book about 6 times.  It is one of my favorites.  It is a book about Holocaust survival and is incredible!  It just boggles the mind what a human can endure!

-When Tuesday and Quinn were approximately 2 1/2 years old, I took photos of them at almost the exact same age….wearing the same outfit, in almost the same pose…well, River just hit that age mark, and I took a photo of her in the same pose, wearing the same outfit.  On a future post, I’ll have to show you what we do with the photos!

What’s Not:

-A package that has been sitting on my kitchen counter, waiting to be mailed. We have pen pals in Uganda and I have the package all ready to go…it just needs to be closed up and addressed and actually brought to the post office!  I will do it this weekend!!

-Coupons…I read through the circulars, cut out the coupons…and then they sit…and sit..and sit….and I never actually get around to using them!  I keep promising myself that I will use them…some day….(but then they are expired!)

-My oldest, Tuesday, is away this week…at camp..with her school!  I miss her so much.  Not even phone calls are allowed..this is the longest I have ever gone without talking with her!  I know she is having a wonderful time, but I can’t wait until she comes home on Friday!

Thank you to Loobylu for allowing me to play along for another week!

What’s hot and what’s not…..

This is becoming a regular Wednesday thing!  And this time, I actually prepared and thought about it during the week!

What’s Hot:

*Bright colored threads!  I love them…and I love looking at them..they inspire me!

*The time change and cozy lamps.  I love when the time changes and it gets dark early!  I have two tiffany lamps and I think they make the home so warm and inviting.

*My new hand soap, Nature’s Gate Mandarin Orange and Patchouli..the fragrance is just so wonderful!

*The slide in our living room.  For some reason, we decided to put this slide in our living room so River could play on it…well, it has been the biggest hit!  All the kids love to play on it all day long..and hey, doesn’t everybody need a slide in their living room?

*Cuddling and being cozy.  With the temperature dropping, the cats and all of us have been cuddling and hugging a lot more!

*My Neutrogena hand cream.  Again, with the temperature dropping, my hands are constantly dry!  This stuff is the only thing that can make them feel less scratchy and itchy.

What’s Not:

*Toilet training..it started out well, but then quickly went down hill.  We are taking a break for now, but I ordered some “prizes”.  When they arrive, we are going to make a prize treasure chest and start again!

*All the Halloween candy!  I’m already tired of looking at it.

*Our coin jar..which is very large..our goal is to fill it to the top..and boy, is it taking a long time!

Once again, thanks Loobylu for the inspiration!


What’s hot and what’s not…..

Okay…I’m still going strong with what’s hot and what’s not….borrowed from Loobylu!

What’s Hot:

-Pumpkins..hello, it is almost Halloween!

-Halloween books…hello, it is almost Halloween!  Some of our favorites….Excuse me, are you a Witch? by Emily Horn.  Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson and Ten Timid Ghosts by Jennifer O’Connell

-The view from our bedroom window….so beautiful this time of year…even with the rain!

-Finishing up custom order woolies…I love watching the pieces come together!

-Blocks…River has discovered the joy of simple, wooden blocks.

-The oboe….Quinn has started to play the oboe in school and he is really enjoying it..after a bit of a rough start!

-My 5 year diary with red? cover by Tamara Shopsin.  It says it is a red cover..but I don’t believe them.  I love this little diary.  As the product description states, “helps you keep track of the next 60 months of your life in just a few lines a day. Each page of the diary is devoted to one day of the year and subdivided into five sections (each with its own space for notes), so that, as time goes by, past entries can be read as the new ones are written.”  I am also in love with Heather Armstrong’s book, It Sucked and then I cried:  How I had a baby, a breakdown, and a much needed margarita.

What’s Not:

-My STILL dying plant!  I am bringing it to my brother’s house this weekend!  Hopefully he can nurse it back to health.

-Laundry…you finish it and then there is more!  I don’t think I need to say anything more.

-My STILL unfinished Starry Night mural…my goal is to finish it by Christmas.



What’s hot and what’s not…..

Okay..it is already Wednesday..how the week flies by.  And I have actually been doing quite well about posting every day this month!  I am proud of myself!

What’s Hot….

**Amusement Parks – My kids are addicted to Six Flags.  They get season passes every year and go a million times.

**The Easel – I finally set up River’s easel and she loves painting on it.

**The Library – now that it is getting cold around here we go to the library a lot!  River loves getting new books and going to story time.

**Getting dressed in warm clothing – River loves to “accessorize” her outfits for outside!

**The sun – we had so much rain, that the sun feels wonderful, especially for the cats.

**My mother’s wedding ring – maybe its unorthodox, but I wear my grandmother’s engagement ring and my mother’s wedding ring.  I look at them all the time and think of them.

What’s Not…

There isn’t much that isn’t hot this week…..

** Not feeling well – the little bug that is going around our house is getting annoying

** Lost items – no photo for this one….but there are too many lost items around this house!  That drives me crazy!

** Getting up on time – certain children in my house refuse to get up when they need to..it gets really tiring having to wake them up about 10 times in the morning before they begin to stir.


What’s Hot and what’s not..part III

Wow…my third what’s hot and what’s not post!  I can’t believe it.  Writing a post every day has helped me alot.  It makes me think about what I am going to write and makes me focus a bit more.  I am continuing the loobylu tradition and continuing the what’s hot and what’s not posting.

What’s hot:

-Candy corn…We keep it in a little halloween container and my 2 year old daughter has figured out how to “steal” the candy while no one is looking..or so she thinks!

-Fake 100 dollar bill…my father gave us this…it is an advertisement for a company on the one side, but the other side looks like a real one hundred dollar bill.  We have all been having a lot of fun tricking people with it.

-My new ipod!  It gets loaded with tons of great music and movies for the car rides that are not so fun!

-Microwave popcorn…we’ve been eating too much of it..maybe it’s the cold weather….

-Chocolate and white chocolate chip and coconut swirl cake…too delicious..especially the fudge like icing!

-Sweaters waiting to be made into woolies..

-Mail…my daughter has acquired a little mail box and every day she waits anxiously for “mail!”

-Games…games..and more games…my daughter wants to play them all day long!

What’s Not:

-Microwave popcorn…we’ve been eating too much of it..maybe it’s the cold weather….

-Chocolate and white chocolate chip and coconut swirl cake…too delicious..especially the fudge like icing!

(I had to write those two in both spots!!!)

-A hardwood floor that has been newly discovered under a worn out rug…but it has glue all over it and needs fixing up!

-A still dying plant..that doesn’t know what to do with itself!

-School forms..it seems that every time I turn around there is another form to fill out for school!2009-10-14.jpg