Christmas Stockings…finally finished…


Well….it only took about a year, but I finally finished everyone’s Christmas stockings….with the help of my mom.  Tuesday, Quinn and River all had stockings that my mom made.  Then, two years ago, Tuesday lost hers.  I don’t know how it happened…but I guess, somehow it got thrown away with all the Christmas wrapping paper.  I was convinced that it was lost somewhere in Tuesday’s room.  But, when we switched her room with River’s we took everything out and there was no stocking.  I was so sad that she wouldn’t have a stocking that my mom had made for her.  Then, Escher and Gray came along and they needed stockings.  I rummaged through my parents Christmas decorations and I found two stockings my mom had made for decorations…so they became Escher and Greys.  Then, I found something else she had cross stitched.  I was nervous to try to make it into a stocking….because if I messed up….there was nothing else to use.  But, after some thought and a lot of waiting, I finally did it.  It turned out pretty well.  What didn’t turn out well was my cross stitching with the names.  Oh well…I’m just not a cross stitcher!!

One Year Photos….

Well, Tuesday and I finally had time to take some photos for the babies one year birthday!!  It didn’t go perfectly…but, then again..does anything!  I am just happy that it was a nice day and we were able to get out and get some cute photos!  I love how in some of the photos their expressions look so similar.  By the end, Escher was not happy.  Neither was River.  River thought the photo shoot should have been just for her and she did NOT want to share the spotlight.  I told her that we could take some photos of her, for a school project..but she did not want to cooperate.  But, we managed to get quite a few cute photos….One of the problems was that we didn’t have shoes for the babies.  And though, I love them without shoes…they did NOT like touching the grass!!  So…next stop…shoe store!!


Have I had this as my title before??? If not..I should have!  Getting into the swing of school has been crazy.  I knew it would be a lot…but I had no idea it would have been this hard!  Everyone decided to get sick right as school started…Tuesday had walking pneumonia, Christopher had pneumonia and River had some strange coughing thing that wouldn’t go back and forth to the doctor’s office we went…again and again.  Many medications later….some are better..some are still getting better.  River is finishing up the last of her medications today..but she still has to do a nebulizer three times a day..which is all new to me.  I just never had sick children before..we’ve always been so lucky!!  Pneumonia, coughs, ear infections…and now Tuesday has a fracture on her growth plate on her ankle!!  I am tired of running to the doctor’s office every other day!!  But in between all the sick appointments, the babies had their one year wellness checkup…All went well.  They are healthy and growing!!

Happy Friday!!

I survived the beach…..

Yes…I survived taking the babies to the beach.  I don’t like the beach…all the sun, sand and water.  But every year we go to the beach.  We don’t just go to the beach…that would be too easy…we bike to the beach, which seems crazy.  It is a tradition that my brother started, with his children, 15 years ago.  So, we continue the tradition, with him and our children.  But someone has to drive I drive one way and my husband drives the other way.  It is a lot of fun…but I knew this year…it would be a lot of work.  Somehow, it all worked out and we all had a blast.  Thank goodness I insisted on bringing a baby pool because the babies loved it as much as they loved the pool and the sand.  Well, Escher did not like the sand..but Grey loved it!  She didn’t want to leave.  Also, I had a great time biking back from the beach.  It was Tuesday’s second year riding and Quinn’s first….and he did great!  He even rode back.

Blueberry picking….

We went blueberry picking with my niece and brother.  It was a gorgeous day and there were so many blueberries!  It was a great day.  Tuesday and Quinn stayed home to catch up on sleep.  It was an adventure to bring two ten month old babies along..but we managed.  All the blueberries were gone by the next day!  I think I need to go and pick some more!  Happy Friday!

Through River’s eyes….

River always wants to take photos with my phone or camera.  I love looking at children’s photography.  It is almost as good as their artwork!  Seeing the world from their perspective.  If you’ve never let your child use your it today.  You won’t be sorry.  Here are some of her photos.  Enjoy….




Embrace the Camera….Christmas Tree Shots

Every year we do our Christmas tree shots…as always…I forget about it til the last minute.  By the time we took them this year..the tree was so dry and droopy.  Right after the photos..I ripped the tree down and dragged it outside…..all the decorations are finally put away!!

December Recap…..

Okay..I can’t believe it is already 2012 and I haven’t posted anything yet.  I feel like time is getting away from me!!  I need an extra week to catch up with everything.  December was a whirlwind and thankfully no one gotten eaten by the Yule Cat…for which I am always thankful!!  Every photo I took in December was blurry..I think our camera or the battery or my photography skills are slowly dying….

Tuesday’s birthday came and went.  She turned 14….oh my..I can’t believe I have a 14 year old child!!  It really seems incredible.  She is such a great person and I love her so much.  She is more than I could ever ask for….she helps me out so much with the babies and around the house….I don’t know if it is due to my great parenting skills or what..but she is turning out to be a fantastic human being!!

Christmas was here and then not here and now I am still cleaning up from it all…Christopher got me a super fancy serger for Christmas.  I have never used a serger so I am going a bit crazy trying to learn all about it.  I am determined to learn everything I can about all its wonderful capabilities and then use those skills to make many many wonderful things…or at least a bib or two.  So, hopefully next week I’ll get back into the blog swing of things and be posting on a daily basis!!  Until then….happy new years……

Embrace the Camera….Thanksgiving…..

Over Thanksgiving, we went on a little trip to Atlantic City.  It was the perfect little getaway.  It was only an hour by there was no traffic to worry about.  Who doesn’t love a train ride. We got a great hotel room…..the pool was under construction..which was a bummer.  But we had so much fun.  It was nice and relaxing!  Just perfect for the holiday! We ate, slept..(okay, I didn’t sleep much), shop, saw the ocean and walked all around.  Oh, and I was crowned Miss America while I was down there!  Go Embrace the Camera…..

Embrace the Camera…Halloween

So, every Halloween we go pick pumpkins.  But this Halloween, it never happened.  Sadly, the night before Halloween we went to the grocery food store and picked pumpkins!  But there were no plain pumpkins left..only pumpkins that were painted!  Tuesday insisted that we take pictures as we picked out the pumpkins, since we weren’t going to the pumpkin patch!  Then, we had to go home and scrub the paint faces off of the pumpkins! Then, the pumpkin carving began…along with pretending to vomit up the pumpkin guts and pretending to throw it at each other…..(it was all pretend!)  Then Tuesday took my glasses and pretended to be a ghost while Quinn grabbed the camera and took a million photos!  It was a fun family night!