Finishing up River’s side of the room….

So, River’s side of the room is pretty much finished.  I still have to paint some murals and hang up some things…but it is pretty much done.  The babies side of the room is not done….well, the painting is done…but not the murals or the furniture arrangement.  We don’t have a crib or cribs yet and I haven’t gotten the configuration down yet.  Hopefully this week all will be complete!

I am now 35 weeks along… 3 more weeks these little babies are going to be here!  We went out this weekend and got a stroller.  So, now we have a stroller and two car seats!  Now I just need to finish sewing all the diapers!!

Still Painting…..

Well…we started painting River’s new room/Tuesday’s old room.  The room was bright red, green, yellow and blue…so, first it had to be primed….Tuesday and I spent an entire day doing two coats of primer!! That was tiring.

Then, we started painting.  River wanted a pink wall and a purple wall.  I agreed, but said the other two walls have to be “boyish” colors…..I love how it turned out…all the colors blend really well.  I finally finished painting yesterday.  Now, we just have to rearrange all the furniture and get it all set up!!  These babies better stay  put until everything is done.  Six weeks from now!!  I went to my doctor today and he said everything looks great.  One baby is 4.5 pounds and the other is 4 pounds.  He said if everything goes as planned..they should each be over 7 pounds!! Eeekkkk!!

The painting continues……

After the murals were primed….River’s old room/Tuesday’s new room was ready to be painted.  Tuesday chose two shades of blue.  Things went pretty smoothly.  Two coats of each color and the room was done.  The furniture was moved back in…and one room is pretty much done… need to be hung, new curtains need to be bought/made, etc. etc….but it is pretty much done!!

End of Go Dog Go Murals……

Well….we are slowly trying to get ready for these new little babies….only 8 weeks to go!  One of the first steps is to move my daughter, Tuesday, into River’s old room.  River had the smallest room and Tuesday had the biggest room.  River’s new room will now also be the babies’ room.  And the first thing that had to be done was painting.  Tuesday did not want a pink room and she didn’t want the Go Dog Go murals in her room!!  I was very sad.  I knew they would have to go some day…but I didn’t think it would be so soon!!

The primer went on first….over the murals!!  While Tuesday video taped the sad event..I set up the camera and put River in charge of taking the photos….Please ignore my large belly and butt in all these photos…I was in my painting clothes…and they hardly fit!!  It was very sad to see the murals go……

Harry Potter boxes..

About four years ago, for Easter, my husband and I made Tuesday and Quinn Harry Potter boxes.  They used to play a Harry Potter  card game that involved a lot of cards…and they needed somewhere to keep their sorted cards.

We couldn’t find anything that was exactly what we my husband came up with a design to make our own boxes.  He did all the wood work…I just did the dremeling and painting.   First, I dremeled out the design and then I painted the boxes using acrylic paint.

Then they got a coat of polyurethane to protect the paint.  I love how they turned out and the kids loved them.  Though they don’t play the card game anymore….they are still nice boxes…..

Apartment Therapy Color Me Contest…voting almost over…..

Okay……there are only 3 days left to vote……and today my room/hallway made it onto the Apartment Therapy blog as an “amazing” entry…, if you could please head on over there and vote for my room/hallway..I would appreciate it..though it is a pain to vote because you have to register with the site….but I do love Apartment Therapy…they have so many cool ideas!  And if you register with their get their newsletter, which is always filled with super cool photos of super cool apartments…and houses!

Hello Green Kitchen….

After our trip to Long Beach Island, my husband took our kids to Maine for 4 days…I had 4 days by myself!  I don’t think that has happened in about 5 years!  So, of course, I had to do a project!  Our kitchen has been in need of a makeover..BIG TIME!  We haven’t done anything to the kitchen since we moved in…except get new appliances….I spend so much time in the kitchen, yet I couldn’t stand how it looked!

I couldn’t take it!  The previous owners had put red and white striped contact paper on the ceiling!  I had ripped it down and half of it still remained.  Also, we had gotten a new light/fan and where the old fluorescent light was..there were holes and discoloration!  In other words, it was a mess!  I love bold and vivid colors and I wanted a bright green kitchen……well, I think I got it!!

The ceiling took me a lot longer than I expected, so I wasn’t able to finish everything I hoped to finish!  I still need to paint the cabinets white, give them new hardware and put a tile backsplash behind the stove!  That is the next project.  But, for now, I’m happy with the changes…now when I go into the kitchen, I smile instead of moan!  Now, I just need a new kitchen floor…..

Another mural finished……

It has been so hot around here..that I have had lots of time to paint..inside.   So, I finally finished the latest mural I had been working on…..from the book Excuse Me…Are You a Witch? by Emily Horn.  It was a fun and quick mural.  I have to put some type of polyurethane coating over it to protect it a bit…it is below windows, so the cats are constantly jumping up and scratching it.  I am not sure what type of protective layer to put on it…I will be figuring that out soon.

Now, I am in the process of redoing the cushions on the window seat.  Our old cushions for the seat have long ago died.  We had an old pillowtop mattress and it became completely uncomfortable….so I cut it off!  And I am using that for the new cushions.  I am in the process of picking out some new material…and then I need to make two slip covers!  Something I haven’t done before!